What Vegans Can’t Eat

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A vegan knows that he must not use or consume any obvious animal products such as butter, cheese, honey, etc. But when he dines out or eats packaged food, he may not be able to tell if he’ll end up consuming vegetarian animal products or horrors, non-vegetarian stuff. The terrifying thing is that even a vegan product can contain a non-vegetarian ingredient.

Here then is a list of items that vegans must avoid, and why:

  • Packaged Vegetarian Cheese 

What it contain contain: Rennet

Rennet is Derived from: Stomachs of calves, lambs or goats. Read the ingredients and if Rennet or unknown additives form part of the ingredient list, avoid.

  • Candy, chocolates, cupcakes, jelly, puddings, desserts, smoothies served at snack bars and ice cream joints, chewing gums, flavorings in noodle packs, French fries served at junk food joints, Beer (sometimes)

What do they contain: Gelatin

Gelatin is Derived from: skin, bones and tissues of animals such as cows, fish, pigs, horses and chickens.

  • Vegetarian Ice cream, candy, baked goods, chewing gum, liquor

What do they contain: Capric Acid

Capric Acid is Derived from: Animal fat or mammalian milk

  • Many packaged foods like chocolates, noodles, etc. Just read the label.

What do they contain: Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are Derived from: Animal fat (almost all emulsifiers)

  • Margarine, cakes & pastries

What do they contain: Suet

Suet is Derived From: Beef fat

  • Caesar salad (and some other salads too depending on the chef), Worcestershire Sauce, Specialty sauces, Cream-based salad dressings

What do they contain:  Anchovy Paste/Anchovies


Anchovy Paste/Anchovies Is Derived from: Fish (anchovy is a fish species)

  • Alcohol and many desserts

What do they contain: Isinglass

Isinglass is Derived from: fish bladders

  • Chewing gum

What does it contain: Lanolin

Lanolin is Derived from: Sheep’s wool

  • Bread and baked goods, cereals, salad dressings, candies, and snacks

What do they contain: Lactose


Lactose is Derived from: Milk

  • Juices, colored pasta, some candies. Just read the label.

What do they contain: Carmine

Carmine (deep red colour) is Derived from: Insects

  • Wine, vinegar, beer, soft drinks, fruit juices

What do they contain: Clarifying Agent

Clarifying Agent is Derived from: Animal sources

  • Vinegar

What does it contain: Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid can be Derived from: Petroleum products (vegan but why dump petro products in your stomach?) (The global demand for acetic acid is around 6.5 million metric tons per year, of which approximately 1.5 Mt/a is met by recycling; the remainder is manufactured from petrochemical feedstock.)  So, check with the manufacturer before buying.

  • Baked stuff, Cake mixes

What do they contain: Lard (unsure about usage in India)

Lard is Derived from: Pig Fat

  • Bakery items, chocolate, ice cream, jelly, puddings

What do they contain: Myristic acid (tetradecanoic acid)

Myristic acid (tetradecanoic acid) Is Derived From: Animal fat

  • Packaged and processed foods

What do they contain: Flavorings (in packaged food)

Flavorings are Derived From: Many flavorings are derived from animal sources

  • Artificial butter, vegetable fats, vegetable oils, baked items, candies, ice cream

What do they contain: Oleic acid

Oleic acid is Derived From: Tallow (fatty substance derived from animal fat)


  • Many Vitamin supplements, food fortifiers

What do they contain: Vitamin A (Vitamin A1) (Retinol)

Vitamin A1 is Derived From: Egg yolks, fish liver oil or vegetables (toughest to derive from vegetables)

  • Vitamin supplements (unless it is specified it is a vegan product)

What do they contain: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3

Vitamin B12 Is Derived From: Bacteria cultures (some companies add gelatin)

Vitamin D3 Is Derived From: Fish liver

  • Biscuits, baked foods, processed foods, body building supplements

What do they contain: Whey

Whey is Derived From: Casein (Casein is derived from milk)

  • Candy, chewing gum, bakery goods, beverages

What do they contain: Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid Is Derived From: Animal fat (mostly)

  • Processed foods

What do they contain: Glycerine

Glycerine Is Derived From: Animal fat (mostly)

  • Potato chips (many chips are fried in tallow), Packaged pre-fried foods

What are they fried in: Tallow (unsure about how many food manufacturers use tallow in India)

Tallow Is Derived From: Animal fat

  • Processed foods, Packaged potato chips

What do they contain: Dextrose

Dextrose Is Derived From: Animal tissue

  • Candies, cereals, chocolates, bakery items, margarine

What do they contain: Lecithin

Lecithin can be Derived From: Animal tissue, egg yolks. Lecithin can also be derived from soy, so check its source before buying.

  • Packaged juices, and lots and lots of packaged foods

What do they contain: Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Is Derived From: Fish

If you analyze the information above, you will realize that vegans must completely avoid consuming packaged and processed food. So, it’s a tough road for a vegan to be on, but after the initial bumps are done with, this road turns into a super highway to happiness.

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