The Unholy Shit About The Holy Cow

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The cow is a gentle and noble creature, she finds mention in folklore, myth, religious & sacred texts. We  regard her as our mother, our Kamdhenu (a divine animal). We balk at people who deride the cow and people who eat her  meat. Cow beef is banned in most states because of these reasons.

Recent events have led to a whole lot of controversy, unrest and animosity. Things have come to such a pass that India’s social fabric looks all set to be engulfed in a raging communal fire.

Let’s cut the BS about our Holy Cow, guys and focus on what we actually do to her though we consider her as God. All of us (excluding the vegans) end up milking, torturing and exploiting the holy shit out of her.

We drink her milk, devour ghee and other products derived from her; use her dung as fuel or fertilizer (in rural India); drink her urine (many rural-ites drink it for detoxification and some rural women consider it a spermicide); exploit most of the by-products after her death.

The brutal truth is that we worship the cow because she provides us food, spins us money and keeps our faith. Blinded by religion, superstitions and greed, we do unmentionable things to her that make her wish she was dead — with every breath she takes.

Here’s her story:

  1. We Divide Her Into Two Broad Types

The regular desi cows whom we consider the Holy Cow, and the milk machine HF cows that are bred for dairy farms. HF (Holstein Friesian) cows are the black and white cows that you may have come across.

The HF cows are engineered to produce the maximum milk while consuming the least amount of resources.

In this article, every cow in India, HF or desi, is considered as holy.  

  1. We Celebrate Her Birth, Not His

A cow can give birth either to one bull (male) or female. Nature programmed cows to deliver one baby per year. We’ve manipulated that number too, but we’ll come to it later.

The arrival of a female calf is celebrated — after all, she will one day provide milk for consumption and sale. However, the birth of a male calf is not appreciated. The bull will consume the farmer’s investment and give inadequate returns. The farmer doesn’t like that.

So unlike the human race, no? Where sons bring in dowry and their birth is celebrated, while the birth of a girl child is not greeted enthusiastically.

  1. We Deprive The Newly Born Calf of Milk

The cow becomes milkable soon after delivery.

  • Desi cows generate 3-4 liters of milk every day for up to 3 months
  • HF cows generate 15-20 liters a day for up to 12 months

Two parties are interested in the milk — The farmer and the cow’s baby.

The new born calf’s stomach has a capacity of 5 liters. Cow farmers in Punjab typically allow the calf to drink up to 2 liters of mother’s milk at a time for 2 times a day, implying that calves are 40% full and 60% starved. Bulls are worse off, they may not be allowed to drink up even 2 liters per session.

That said, it is an open secret that commercial dairy farms do NOT to allow the calf to drink up even 30% of their quota.

  1. We Separate Mother From Child

Within a day or two from delivery day, the mother and her newborn baby are separated because if baby stays close to momma, she may drink up milk that can be sold.

The separation is heart wrenching. Momma and baby cry uncontrollably, but the dairy farmhands don’t care.

It is natural that the separation will trigger a biological and neurological reaction in both the mother and child. However, humans have yet to discover how this trauma impacts the cow’s milk and by products.

  1. We Dehorn The Calf By Day 15

In India, our government bans beef but gives dairy farmers a free hand to torture cows.

By day 15, the newly born calf, male or female, is dehorned. Because if it is not, it will pose a risk to farm workers or become aggressive or take up lots of feeding space.

Dehorning is performed by pouring chemical (acid) and using hot-iron disbudding methods to destroy the horn-producing cells.

Yup, we pour acid over our Holy Cow because the government and our conscience allows it. Yea, we worship the same dehorned animal too. Who says we Indians aren’t fair?

After her horns are dissolved, her nose is pierced and a rope is woven around it. Her farmer pulls this rope to rein her in or steer her in the right direction. Ouch!

  1. We Turn The Bull Into An Ox


Let’s talk a bit about bulls before turning to the Holy Cow.

Both bull and ox refer to the male cow. The difference is that the ox is castrated while the bull is not.

And, why is the bull castrated and turned into an ox?

Because he is needed to til the land.

And if he is not castrated, he will turn into a sex machine. he will keep doing it with calves, and leak out his energy along with his fluids. He will get tired and moody and will not have any energy left to til the farmer’s lands.

That’s what farmers don’t need. That’s why some bulls who are identified as land tillers and cart transporters are castrated and made to work as tillers or transporters. Of course they are dragged and whipped till their end of useful days.

Do you know when the bull gets castrated? Before he turns one year old.

If the bull is not castrated, he is retained and looked after in gaushalas.The objective is to make him a healthy sperm donor who can spawn healthier cows. He will likely be experimented upon to meet that end.

This is the difference between a bull and an ox.

After castration, people in Western nations grill, fry or toast and eat the bull’s private parts. In Africa, they may eat it raw. It is not known what they do in India. Maybe bury the parts and set up a bull temple?

  1. We Screw Up The Calf’s Wonder Years

When the male calf (bull or ox) reaches one year, he is sold in the village market for about Rs 3,000 or so, depending on his health/breed and how prosperous the state is.

Some buyers slaughter the bull and sell the meat. The ox may not be slaughtered just yet because he has to til the land and help his farmer or buyer grow and transport vegetables to the market. But if the ox turns out weak or disinterested in tilling right at the beginning, he may be sold for slaughter.

Though the slaughter of cows or their progeny is banned in most Indian states, many illegal slaughter houses operate under the protection of our corrupt rulers.

The female calf is well taken care of by the farmer who will either retain her for her profitability or sell her at a hefty product. OLX pe gai, Quickr per car! Check this image:



  1. We Continue Crucifying The Momma Cow

The story so far: Momma cow has been separated from her child. Her calf has been separated from her, and the momma grieves that loss for the rest of her life — remember, cows have a maternal instinct that is as strong as humans.

After her recovery from delivery is complete, the cow gets into heat again. She desires sex.

But dairy farmers have invested cash in the cow and don’t want her wandering out of their gulag.

So they get her artificially inseminated.


That’s right, we humans don’t allow our Holy Cow to practice a normal sex life.

Now, remember what you read upstairs: a HF cow gives milk for up to 12 months while the desi cow gives milk for up to 3 months.

A HF cow naturally gets into heat after recovering from her delivery, but she continues giving milk for up to 12 months from the date of delivery.

However, her biological processes are thrown into chaos when she gets artificially inseminated, and yet keeps giving milk even during the period the baby is developing inside of her.

Considering that nature intended that a cow should start producing milk only after delivery, isn’t it unnatural that dairy farmers keep milking her even while her baby’s being made in her womb?

Isn’t it possible that some or the other biological process would alter the chemical structure of the milk that is collected from her?

Dairy farmers just don’t care and the cycle of birth and milk goes on till the cow cannot biologically take it any more.

  1. We Keep Impregnating Her Till Death, Maybe With Multiple Embryos

What you read above was the good news. Here comes the horror show.

A cow lives for about 20 years. She can start delivering babies after she attains 2 years of age, and she can deliver one baby per year. Therefore, if she lives to be 20, she can deliver 18 calves.

This is a theoretical figure though. The actual number of calves our Holy Cow can have are governed by factors like health, weight loss, bone loss,and strength.

Experts say that it is likely a cow will lose one calf during her lifetime. And nature says she will likely weaken as she gets older. Therefore, the theoretical figure of 17 (18 minus 1 calf lost) is incorrect.

Obviously, dairy farmers want their cows to keep delivering till she dies.

Farmers don’t want to wait for many years to increase their herd. They reckon that if the cow delivers more than one calf per year, they will recover its investment in double quick time.

So, embryos from healthy donor cows are surgically transferred into our Holy Cow so that she can deliver more than one calf per year. Aside from compromising the cow’s God-given baby-yielding capacity, multiple embryo transfer also places the cow at risk from disease.

Result: Keep impregnating, keep milking till the Holy Cow dies. Make her beget twins, triplets, quadruplets that nature never intended.

It’s like feeding you till you puke, waiting for you to recover, then stuffing you all over again till you puke again and repeating the cycle till you die.

This is why the average life expectancy (20 years) of dairy cows hos gone down. Many experts are of the opinion that dairy cows rarely live that long. Their life expectancy should be down by 50% at least.

  1. We Artificially Increase Her Milking Capacity

Cows are silent and gentle animals and dairy farm owners are profiteering monsters. They not only want more babies than normal, they also want the cow to yield more milk.  They inject the cow is injected with freaky growth hormones like recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), or artificial growth hormone.

Hormones unnaturally increase the cow’s milk production by up to 25%. This increases the farmer’s profits, but screws up our health because the residues from these digested growth hormones are indirectly secreted in the cows milk that we Indians drink.

  1. We Poison Her With Contaminated Feed

A detailed report by UK scientists states that cattle feed contains pesticides, industrial pollutants, radionuclides, bacteria, fungus, fecal matter, toxins, heavy metals and a few other nasties.

Think — if this is the quality of cattle feed in UK, what will be the quality of such feed in India? Crap!

That’s what we are feeding our cows.

  1. We Profit from Her Death

Dairy farms just don’t stop profiteering from the cow. After the cow is done delivering her full quota of babies and milk, she dies.

Death is likely welcomed by this gentle animal.  

Its carcass is sold by most farmers and her byproducts are used in many products such as:

  1. Leather is used in the manufacture of sports goods, shoes, bags, etc.
  2. Keratin is extracted from their hooves and added inside fire extinguishing foam.
  3. Gelatin is made out of their bones and skin. Gelatin is used in the manufacture of candies and photography film.
  4. Cow fat is used in car’s hydraulic brake fluid.
  5. Car tires contain stearic acid, another cow by-product.
  6. Glycerin, which is derived from cow fat, is used in many cosmetics products and even in dynamite.
  7. Certain medicines that cure an upset stomach, prevent blood clots, control anemia, and a few more, contain cow by products. Cow pancreas are used to make Insulin.
  8. Many personal care products like candles, cosmetics, crayons, paint brushes, perfume, mouthwash, toothpaste, shaving cream, soap and deodorants contain cow by-products.
  9. Here’s a shocker — White sugar contains cow by products! Bone char, also known as natural carbon, is used in whitening the sugar. And guess what, bone char is made from cattle bones.

The cruelty we mete out to our Holy Cow is obese. What we do to her and her babies is nothing short of a holocaust.

Honestly, our nation is divided into 3 classes — Hypocrites, Uncaring and the Uninformed. The hypocrites milk and impregnate her till death while the Uncaring and the Uninformed enjoy her milk and by-products till their death.

There is a another class — the Vegans, who are people who shun all kinds of animal products (meat, leather, products that contain animal by-products, etc.). Veganism is much more than a dietary choice — is a moral imperative, a baseline of decency, a movement of social justice.The writer is of the opinion that this is the class we must choose to be in.

To sum up, we profit or thrive on our Holy Cow’s products during her productive life and even after her death. We torture or allow her to be slowly and mercilessly tortured to death.

Tell me, can any rational Indian ever consider doing such unmentionable and cruel things to someone he likens to God? Even if you are a rational person who does not attach religious importance to the cow, don’t you think that it becomes your moral duty not to torture helpless animals?

If this article jogged your conscience, I would say that it worked.

If it didn’t, guess it’s time for me to exclaim holy shit and wrap up this piece.


Note: The opinions expressed in this article are personal and not of MII’s.

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