Is Vegan Jerky Tastier and Healthier Than Meat Jerky?

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Let’s debate.

What’s Meat Jerky?

Traditionally, it was strips of lean meat (meat with fat trimmed off) that were salted and dried and then stored and eaten. Nothing was required to be added, no cooking was involved.

These days manufacturers marinate jerky in their in-house-developed seasoning. Meat jerky is also dehydrated using modern equipment. Some manufacturers even grind meat, throw in in seasonings, and flatten the meat into strips before drying.

Meat Jerky can be made from the meat of cows, pigs, lambs, goats, deer, bison, etc. You name it, anything that walks is candidate for jerky.

Modern Jerky has a semi-sweet taste.


What’s Vegan Jerky?

Like the name says, vegan jerky is made out of foods that simulate the taste of meat — for example, Soy, Seitan (protein portion of wheat) and Shiitake Mushrooms, or a combination of these.

Vegan jerky can also be used in sandwiches, salads, stir frys and more.

Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat?

Okay, humans love meat jerky because eating meat is tradition that has not been questioned — so far. The consumption of meat has almost become a part of our DNA.

Ethics aside, are humans engineered to eat and digest meat?

NO BLOODY WAY! We are born herbivores. Take a look at this chart and decide.  Are Humans Meant To Eat Meat?

So, What Tastes Better — Vegan or Beef Jerky?

The real test of Jerky taste lies in eating it raw.

Do this, sink your fangs into a piece of raw beef and then into raw soy or mushrooms.

Which tastes better?

Actually, you don’t want to bite into raw stuff because the raw meat can contain harmful bacteria and raw mushrooms & soy are not your cup of tea.

So what is it that turns you on about jerky?

It’s the seasonings, isn’t it?

Face it, the actual taste maker for all types of jerky is the seasoning. It’s not the raw uncooked thing.

You’re hooked on to seasoning and you eat meat because it’s a life routine, a tradition.

Can I request you to read about the consequences of eating meat? Consequences for both you and our Mother Earth?

Please spend a couple of minutes reading the next section:

What Does It Take To Produce Meat?

Raising farm animals takes a toll of our environment, resources and health.


Sample these numbers:

  1. One cow drinks 50-100 gallons of water per day depending on the weather.
  2. It takes 683 gallons of water to produce just 1 gallon of milk.
  3. It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef
  4. It takes 244 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of tofu.
  5. Americans on an average eat 271 pounds of beef in a year.
  6. So if one American becomes a vegan, he saves approximately (271 X 2400) less (271 X 244) = 584,276 gallons of water every year.

That was just about saving water. There are more kicks to be planted on meaty butts:

  1. Animal farming accounts for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Don’t just blame your car, blame your diet instead.
  2. Animal farms in USA produce 500 million tons of manure each year. The excrement is stored in waste lagoons because there are no animal sewage processing plants yet. This shit pollutes our rivers and lakes, which get contaminated by bacteria and viruses. then animal farms spray liquid manure into the air to keep their pollution levels in check. The wind carries the liquid manure into the lungs and food of people living around the animal farm. Erin Borkovich Part 2, anyone?
  3. Growing food for vegans takes 20 times less land. That’s because crops are consumed directly instead of being used to feed animals. Animal farms have to feed and fatten their animals and animal food production takes 20x space.
  4. The flesh you eat is loaded with poisons. Guess what farm animals consume along with their food: growth hormones, fattening medicines, antibiotics, GMO feed and pesticides. This stuff is retained in their bodies and chances are that the flesh you are chewing on will one day cause a deadly disease.
  5. Dairy cows too get pumped up with hormones and GMO feed, it comes as no surprise that their milk is full of toxins and chemicals.  
  6. More than anything else, why do we humans consider ourselves as a superior race when we have become experts in destroying our planet? What gives us the right to cram animals in dirty concentration camps, deprive them of a family and social life, keep fattening them or milking them and/or impregnating them till their bodies can no longer take it? Who or what gives us the authority to make the innocent and hapless animals stand in a queue waiting for the axe to fall? No god or any religion prescribes the kind of holocaust we have brought upon the poor hapless souls.

To sum up

You actually love jerky mainly because of the seasonings. Otherwise, you likely loathe eating raw flesh unless you actually haven’t evolved.

By eating meat — jerky or otherwise — you are compromising, sorry screwing up your health, buggering up animals and #$%^ing our planet.

So go ahead and do yourself and the world a favor — Become a vegan and chew on vegan jerky. Else, you’ll remain a jerk.



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