How To Make Wholesome Soya Milk At Home @ Rs 8 per Litre

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You may drink soya milk because you prefer its taste over cow’s milk, or want to bulk up on proteins, or are a vegan, or for whatever reason.

How do you source this nutritious milk? Do you buy it packaged (flavoured or unflavoured) and pay north of Rs 90-100/liter?

If so, you are wasting your hard-earned cash mostly on packaging and marketing.

That’s because you can make 3-4 litres of fresh and wholesome soya milk at home for less than Rs 25! That’s just 8 bucks per litre at the maximum.

Plus you’ll get pure soya milk without preservatives, thickeners, and what not that are added to commercially packaged soya milk.

How To Make Soya Milk at Home

  1.      What you need to make 3-4 liters of soya milk

–  170-200 grams (1 cup) of dried soya beans

–  Plain filtered water

–  Regular kitchen utensils such as two large vessels (“pateela”), a large stainless steel strainer that can easily sit on the vessel

– A roughly 1 X1 feet piece of thin cotton cloth like voile (“malmal”) or cheese cloth. One meter of this cloth costs about Rs 40 and yields 4 pieces.

  1.      Preparation

Wash the soya beans thoroughly in running tap water and soak them in filtered water for 7-8 hours or overnight.

  1.      Process

(i) Rub the beans gently (without removing them from the water) between your palms and dislodge their outer covers.

(ii) Carefully remove the dislodged outer covers. This can get tricky because they are not light enough to float on water and can get mixed up with the beans. Remove as many as you can.

(iii) Extract the beans from the water and place them in a regular mixer-grinder for wet grinding. Make a fine paste by adding water as required.

(iv) The paste should be ready now. You now have about 200 gms of crushed soya + about 100-150 ml of water. You want to make 3 liters.

Mix the balance quantity (3 liters, less about 350 grams = 2.25 liters) of water in one of the vessels. If you want to enjoy thick soy milk, add less water. The rule of thumb is that 1 cup of crushed beans needs 10-12 cups of water (fewer if you want thicker milk).

(v) Take the second vessel and place the large strainer on it. Line the inside edges of the strainer with a thin cotton cloth.

(vi) Pour the milk and filter out the solids. Some solids will remain — gather these in the thin cotton cloth and squeeze as much milk out as humanly possible.

(vii) Your soya milk is ready. Boil it for about 20 min. Cool it and refrigerate it. The milk easily stays fresh for as long as 2 weeks or even more upon refrigeration.

(viii) Enjoy the soya milk as a drink, plain or flavoured, or make completely cholesterol-free pure vegan curd out of it. If you find the taste too bland add half a teaspoon of salt (regular or black) and 1 or 2 tablespoons of brown sugar after boiling, depending upon your taste buds.

Finally, do not throw the remaining, squeezed out solids. Mix them in wheat flour to add solid protein to your daily bread.

Follow our guide to make nutritious, fresh and preservative-free and additive-free soya milk that costs less than 8 bucks a litre and is 100 times as healthy as packaged soya milk.



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