The Deepika-Diesel Meme Spoof

Deepika-Vin Diesel
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Why did Deepika Padukone have to take that cheap shot with Vin Diesel? Why o why? Now she got us all aroused enough to spoof her pic around. Take a look see.

(Note this is a spoof. It’s unreal. Any resemblance to any living person is just for fun. Please don’t misunderstand…)Kejriwal-Vin-Diesel

“I swear on my children’s head I’ll never ever allow you into Delhi NCR because you are full of Diesel, Vin, you polluter. I think Modi has sent you to Delhi deliberately. O, when will he allow me to work…” —Arvind Kejriwal


“Diesel, welcome to India. Out here we’ll impose an entry tax, processing fee, excise duty, VAT, state taxes and of course, pollution tax. Teri toh VAT lag gayi, bhidu…” — Arun Jaitley


“Come hug me, you crude barrel of diesel. Hug me with such force majeure that we become fungible. Then come and fumigate for a day in my skyscraper so that we can both attain boiling point..” —Ambani


“Didn’t you see my @#$#% Quantico before casting that @#$% Deepika. I even got an award, what has she got? I could have become your Kashibai, but you @#$%^ moron, you went and cast that @#$%” — Priyanka Chopra


“Diesel, you haramazaada, why did you come to Bharat? To spoil our @#$% culture? BC, MC, I’ll ban your movie in India because someone told me you have starred in a XXX flick…” — Pahlaj Nihalani


“Hey takley, don’t f##k around with Deepika too much, okay. Little bit I can tolerate, that much AIB has taught me…” — Ranveer Singh


“(Husk) Deezy, cast me in any XXX film and I will do a better job that that skinny runt. I have a track record and experience in XXX films. I’ll give you lots of references too.” — Sunny Leone


“Lots of papees and jhapees going around. I thought I too behti diesel mein haath dho loon…” — Karan Johar


No need for any caption. It is selfie-explanatory.



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