It’s Okay to Sexually Harass in India: A Photo Documentary

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Disclaimer: Hullo, this is a sarcastic spoof. We’re against sexual harassment at the workplace or anywhere else. Just read this piece for fun and games, don’t take it seriously.

I don’t know why the media is targeting R K Pachauri for allegedly sexually harassing two women. All the poor man did was offer head massage to a woman staffer who was unwell and asked another to read out portions of his novel (maybe, he wanted her to critique it).

But that’s what happens to men in power, speaking of which here’re cases where India has turned a blind eye towards extreme sexual harassment:



In January 2015, Mahua Moitra, a TMC politician showed her prime middle finger to Arnab Goswami on prime time at a media workplace. The thick-skinned Arnab did not react at all because it takes more than finger pointing to shut him up — maybe shoving the finger right up his boogie-woogie would have done the trick.



Here’s Virat Kohli showing his middle finger to the opposition and their fans at the sports workplace. He met Anushka around this time and from then on his middle finger went flaccid.


Baba Ramdev

Check this image carefully and notice where Baba Ramdev’s eyes are leering at. Also check his loin cloth — he seems to be hiding a bulge from the cameras. He is a sanyasi and this was a Yogic workplace, and therefore things should have been maintained at the purest level. Hurry OM, hurry OOMPH.



MLAs and MPs in Gujarat and Parliament watched porn when the house was in session. We all know that Parliament is an akhada, but watching porn and making others watch it implies harassing, sexually or otherwise, people that voted you in.



Remember the time when Laloo Prasad Yadav pulled Arvind Kejriwal towards him in a forced embrace? And, Kejriwal responded by touching him below the belt? Both could file a sexual harassment case against each other but they won’t because of that famous saying, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.”



Seen AIB? It’s a comedy workplace that’s full of obscene gestures, dialogues, innuendos and antics. It is infinitely sexual in nature and anyone can take offense at anything on the show. But we’re living in the modern world where mouthing 4-lettered words, disrespecting others, sexual violence and bad behaviour is the in-thing.



The casting couch has existed in Bollywood maybe since its inception. What have we done about it? Nothing. Nada. So why fuss over poor Pachauri?



Night after night, anchors on purported comedy shows mouth sexual jokes that denigrate women. Such shows also can motivate others to harass. India laughs along with the so-called comedians. Ho, ho, ho.



Eve-teasing is an art and science that most Indian men have mastered. It happens every day, every hour, every minute in every state of a giant workplace called India. What do the authorities do about it? Your answer is the same as mine.



Indian Army sexual harassment











Here is a case that happened in the Indian army in September 2015. What is shocking is the reaction of Indian citizens.

View the images and check the messages on this link. The responses will zap you.


Sreeshanth slapped

Ah, the cricket workplace again. Sreeshanth was slapped by Harbhajan in an IPL match. What happened afterwards? Nothing, things went quiet. It’s okay to indulge on the cricket field if you have the balls.

The message in this photo documentary is clear. India needs to get its act together and punish offenders instead of tch-tch-ing on cases of sexual harassment at the workplace.



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