How The Nirbhaya Case Directly Helps Criminal Gangs

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This is a sarcastic piece that comments on the inadequacies of the Indian Juvenile Justice Law, 2000. It may be slotted as a spoof by it does present hypothetical-realist scenarios.

Hello Fellow Criminals,

This is your favorite Indian politician writing to you.

Today, I will show you how to recruit and train killers and rapists and use them to your best advantage.

After being charged of rape, forgery, corruption and murder, I have vast experience in this topic.

The trick lies in twisting the Juvenile Justice Act of 2000, which my foolish fellow MPs had drafted and passed in the past. Here is how you do that:

  1. Hire potential criminals from the age group 15.5 to 17 years. Do you know that many children of the poor and underprivileged in this age group take drugs and alcohol? Such addicts can easily be lured on the path of crime and violence. Recruit them in your gangs.

    You know why this is a safe recruiting ground? Because the Juvenile Justice Act considers all those below 18 as children and the maximum punishment that can be awarded to them is 3 years in a special home!

    Gangsters who follow this practice are likely recruited by politicians, so you have a chance to move up the gangland ladder.
  2. Your juvenile recruit can commit whatever you command him to do — rape, murder, arson, thuggery, and more — no matter what he does, he will not get any more than 3 years and that too in a special home.
  3. You can always send your pimps to visit your juvenile every now and then to keep your radical indoctrination going. Don’t forget to send him you love and a supply of his fav narcotics.
  4. You know who judges Juvenile cases? A magistrate with some experience in child psychology and 2 social workers with experience in health and care for children (Section 15)! It’s like the BJP requesting Shivraj Chauhan to judge the Vyapam scam. Ha, ha!

    Such magistrates and social workers are usually in favour of the child unless there’s a public outcry. You don’t have to worry about buying lawyers or judges — the judicial board will easily let the juvenile off in a few months and he can then help you expand your evil empire.
  5. You know what Section 19 says? Man, this will make you break into laughter!! The section says that after a reasonable period of time, all records that led to the imprisonment of the child will be removed.

    This means that once the child becomes an adult, he will become a gang member without any previous police record. It’s like losing your virginity without feeling any pain — just the pleasure!
  6. Here’s another howler: Section 18 of the act says that no child will be tried with an adult. So, what you must do is train your juveniles to be killers and make the adults the car drivers. The juveniles will shoot and the adults will make them scoot. Both will be let off lightly and you will soon have them back performing dishonorable deeds.
  7. Section 21 protects the child’s privacy. It prohibits the media from disclosing his information. This is fantastic news for us mobsters — can you ever imagine a professional killer with a 100% clean record joining your gang upon attaining adulthood! Priceless!

You know what you are looking at? You’re looking at a vast talent pool that can be easily recruited. The government is not doing enough to generate jobs, the opposition is busy stalling parliament, prices of essential commodities are going up, manufacturing capacity utilization is stuck at 30%, and more.

The poor families of our country have no place to go. Many cannot afford to educate their children. And, that’s where you can step in, just like me, your humble Indian politician.

As an example, see what happened to the juvenile who raped and killed Nirbhaya (Jyoti). Now, that’s the kind of talent we’re looking for.

Note from the Editor: Okay, this was a sarcastic piece. Now that it’s over, let’s all get together and recommend a suitable punishment for the bastard who raped and killed Nirbhaya.

I suggest that the Justice system should be amended to hang him. Your take?



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