What is your acne telling you?

What is your acne telling you? 3.50/5 (70.00%) 2 votes

Are you acne prone?

If the answer is yes, your acne could be because of an underlying health issue.

Our skin reflects our internal health and the formation of zits on different areas of our face happens because of different reasons.

Really. The acne on your forehead can be caused because of one reason, while the acne on your cheek may be because of another.

Here’s the full skinny:



Pimples on the forehead are a sign of digestive system that functions poorly. To combat the problem, increase your liquid intake. It could be water, juice or even green tea.

And obviously, caffeine is not your best friend because it dehydrates — so, stay away from tea and coffee.

Eat less of junk and processed foods. All this will give your digestive system a chance to revive itself thereby killing the zits.




It is the central part of the face that includes the area above and between the two eyebrows, and the area ends at the tip of your nose. Breakouts in this area indicate liver problems. It’s possible you are eating junk or oily food or are an alcohol fan.

If yes, change your eating habits to avoid the flare-ups on your T-zone. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Cut down on your late night snacks, alcohol, smoking and get proper sleep. All this makes your liver rest and be ready for the next pimple-free day.




This area is connected to heart and therefore your blood pressure. Keep your heart healthy and eat fresh fruits and green vegetables. Get your blood pressure checked regularly. Eat ‘good fats’ like omega 3 and omega 6 found in almonds, avocado, flaxseed and fish. Cut down on salt, spices and exercise daily , even if lightly.


Around the eyes and ears


Anything from dark circles to pimples around the eyes and on ears points to kidney problems. The solution? Drink more water!

Follow the 8×8 rule for daily water intake. Drink 8 glasses of water, each glass having an 8 ounce capacity.

This resolves dehydration and as a bonus lightens your dark circles. Kudos!




Zits on the cheeks are symptomatic of respiratory issues. Do you smoke? Do you drink? Do you love sugary foods?

Is your answer a yes?

Then you know the culprits. Just cut down on all these and try to intake more cooling foods like melons, green beans and gourds.  

If your answer is a No, then poor hygiene could be the reason. Dirty pillowcases, and unhealthy gums or teeth make pimples pop up on the cheeks. Change your pillowcases every 4- 5 days. Brush your teeth twice and floss once — daily.




Hormonal imbalance and digestion issues are the reason for acne on the chin. Stick to a balanced diet that includes lots of green veggies and fruits. Try yoga or meditation to reduce stress levels.

Increase Omega 3 fatty acids to control hormones. Flax seeds, almonds, pulses, broccoli, spinach are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Get more rest and work out at least 20 minutes daily.

The suggestions given above will help you take the first step in eliminating pimples. However, know that there are other reasons such as excessive oily or excessively dry skin, stress, hormones, etc., that can cause acne pimples. So if your acne does not go away despite drinking adequate water, getting enough sleep, working out, etc., consult your doctor.



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