What is Beard Oil, and how does it work?

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Beards symbolize power. Some of the most influential and powerful men in history had beards, including Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, Abe Lincoln and William Shakespeare. They went out of fashion some time ago but are now back with a bang. The only bad news is that beard maintenance is always a tough ask. But with Mr Singh’s beard oil by your side, grooming your facial fuzz becomes an easy task. You have heard it earlier and we say it again — nothing tames your beard like a beard oil!

With all the rising hype about moustaches and beards, the demand for beard oil is also on the upswing. First, here’s some dope on what actually is inside a bottle of a beard oil that makes your whiskers look all splendid and lavish.

Beard oils contain natural ingredients such as argon oil and jojoba oil, which moisturize the skin underneath the beard, making it appear soft and well-groomed. The oil smells musky or woody, keeps your beard in place and makes you look smashing and uber. And a well kept beard helps in a better and tamed growth.

You should apply beard oil immediately after washing your face in the morning or after a shower. That because your skin pores are open after a wash and can easily absorb the oil along with its nutrients. A few drops of beard oil (about 6-7) ought to do the trick unless you live in a dry place.

You should pour the oil on your hand and massage it into your beard in a circular motion. If you own a long beard, sprinkle beard oil on your comb and ensure that you cover every strand.

Here are is a list of popular beard oils along with their unique ingredients:

  1. Sir Reginald’s Beard Oil
  2. Khan’s Beard Oil
  3. Mr. Singh’s Beard Oil

All these oils sell out like hot cakes. They have a light texture and are absorbed quickly into your beard and skin. These oils revitalise your beard leaving it with an aroma that is subtle and masculine.

Overview of ingredients in a Beard oil:

Argan Oil — Its high fatty acid content works as an excellent moisturizer and treats dry and itchy skin.

Almonds Extract — Vitamin E content of almonds keeps dandruff at bay and prevents split ends.

Jojoba Oil — It resembles sebum (the natural oils produced by scalp) and works best for moisturizing skin and preventing infections.

Avocado Extract –Rich in amino acids and proteins, it speeds up the growth and repairs damaged hair follicles.

If you want your beard to grow at supersonic speed, follow this:

  • Eat more of proteins and less of carbs.
  • Do not get stressed.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep — daily.
  • Drink the recommended 8 glasses of water daily, with unfailing regularity.
  • Use a quality beard oil.

That’s all folks. For now.

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