Sunny Leone: Good Girl or Bad Girl?

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Why are Indians going ga ga over Sunny Leone?

She’s just another ex-porn star who’s gotten into Bollywood. She and her hubby also own a picture company in USA that has made porn movies and an online adult movie store, but more on this later.

Sunny Leone recently got into the news because an interviewer from Times of India kept reminding her about the past. Sunny and her hubby alleged that the interviewer was out to harass her. That item got picked up and started trending on Twitter.

Then suddenly, every other grandpa-like journalist (such as Shekhar Gupta of NDTV and Bhupendra Chaubey of CNN IBN) got into the act and interviewed the lady. More are it at as we speak.

Now, Sunny’s going around beating drums around town saying she won’t endorse tobacco products because they cause cancer and she lost her dad to tobacco addiction.

Does her ranting about an interview and declining to endorse tobacco products make her a good girl? Or, are these events a publicity stunt that’s carefully planned and executed to promote her new movie, Maastizaade?

Let’s first check into what Sunny’s up to these days.


In 2009,  she started her own movie studio, SunLust Pictures. The objective was to make adult movies. These adult movies are pure porn. Not double X-rated, these are triple X rated, hardcore flicks.

Sunny starred in most. If you want to see her in extremely provocative poses, check the SunLust site here. Visit the “Adult Videos” section if you want to see Sunny in full bloom.

The SunLust Products website doesn’t say anything in its About Us page, but considering the fact that SunLust Pictures belongs to Sunny Leone and her husband, Daniel Weber, it’s easy to guess that even SunLust Products belongs to the couple. In USA, copyright laws are so tough that one company just cannot lift others intellectual property, and therefore we assume SunLust belongs to Sunny Leone and her hubby.

Not to mention, a site that peddles porn to all and sundry, including Indians, so long they agree they’re above 18 years of age.

Bottom line — Sunny Leone continues to peddle porn. Hey, porn is pure, tobacco is not. Porn has the capability to infect its stars with you AIDS and cancer, but that’s cool, Sunny don’t mind.

BTW, check out this IMDB link here.. Seems SunLust Pictures has produced and released 57 porn flicks, with the last one (No Boys Allowed) showing up in May 2014.

Sunny Leone is making her Bollywood career and we’ve nothing against that. We wish her good luck.

But she’s got to stop the hypocrisy and the media must stop acting like her toilet paper and sanitary napkin, especially eminent journalists like Shekhar Gupta.

To answer the title, Sunny Leone is neither good or bad, she’s probably doing what she’s good at — making movies, acting and doing business.

But there’s another thing she’s doing and that’s fooling the Indian public with the help of her PR agency and media companies that seem to have been paid. They know that we Indians are gullible and can easily be fooled.

All this hoo hoo rah rah around Sunny is a publicity stunt for her forthcoming flick, Mastizaade. Nothing more. Don’t get taken in by it.



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