SIXPAD: Get a Six Pack As You Sleep

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Are you a lazy Lothario who bums it out on the couch watching TV, snacking on fries.

Do you secretly want to build a Greek God structure, six pack, round glutes, monster biceps, solid thighs and all?

Here’s something that can help you build all that even as you’re munching popcorn and extracting black pearls out of your nose. Of course, if you’re equipped with a flabby belly or sagging butt bags, this product may not produce results even after decades of use.

Here’s the SIXPAD, and it comes all endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo, the guy who scores an 8 figure income every year.

How Sixpad Works

The Sixpad contains a set of slip and cordless devices meant for the abs, arms and thighs. All you have to do is strap them on at the suggested areas and push a button located in the center of each device. The device works by jiggling and wiggling, thereby shaking up your muscles.

The SIXPAD is armed with printed electrodes that are covered with gel sheets. Once you hit the Start button, the device supplies electricity to the body. You can use the controls on the Start button to increase or decrease the sensation levels.

The manufacturer recommends you use it for 23 minutes every day for best results.

Here’s how it works during those 23 minutes:

0-1 minute slow jiggling, warm up
2-6 minutes Shakes like you would in an approach run
7-11 minutes Increases intensity
11-11.50 minutes Gently stimulates muscle movement
11.50- 16.50 minutes Intensity is further increased
16.50-17 minutes Cool down period
17-22 minutes Maximum intensity
22-23 minutes Cool down

The device works on the principle of EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation), meaning that it contracts the muscle without human effort. Over a period of time the muscle contractions start adding up and the muscle starts developing.

So, if you’re one lazy bum who loathes social, mental and physical activity but can afford to spend $145 on a device  that can get you some level of social acceptance, SIXPAD is the device for you!



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