Scientists Expose Man’s G-Spot

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Women Take Note, Scientists Have Exposed Man’s G-Spot

Once upon a time women found it easy to please their man.

They would bite, or place hot (espresso) or cold objects (ice cubes) on the man’s navel area, to drive him nuts. Or, best of all, they did nothing in most cases.

It sure is fun to know that men would get into accelerated orgasm mode after being bit or being treated as a table mat.

But those were times of innocence.

Things have taken a sophisticated twist ever since scientists announced that they have figured out man’s pleasure spot.

Do you where or what it is?

No, it’s not what you are thinking of.

It’s the prostate!

Hot damn! Now women don’t have worry about beverages losing their steam or ice cubes melting during the makeout process. They don’t even need to bite.

All they need is to finger the prostate and their man will get convulsed by frenzied spasms of pleasure! Yay!

But wait! There’s a problem

The prostate is a secretive organ that protects its privacy from Facebook by hiding between 2-3 inches inside the anus, a nice, shady spot that keeps it cool. Plus, it is surrounded by squishy nerve endings.


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Wait a minute! EWWWWW!

Are scientists and medics suggesting that women suddenly stick their finger up their guy’s butt during a critical movement of the makeout process?

How disgusting! — A sudden act like that would send the man into a state of complete physical shutdown followed by septic shocks followed by multiple organ failure.

But no, our scientists are not suggesting that. Phew.

Our clever scientists and medics have come up with an ingenious device — The Prostate Massager.

Prostate Massager

The Prostate Massager actually looks like a Japanese guy bowing his head while greeting an acquaintance. But it is not as boring as the Japanese.

It is curved, contoured and has a round head, just like Sunny Leone.

All that has to be done is to insert it you know where and press a button that makes the device vibrate.

Here’s what will likely happen: The device will come in contact with the nerve endings covering the prostate. The sensation it creates may make you mentally shake uncontrollably. You will feel that you are hit by a Richter Scale 15 earthquake with its epicenter located right up your anus.

Long story short, whatever results will give you gargantuan pleasure.

If your woman finds using a prostate massager disgusting, no problem, who cares.

This tool can be self-operated very easily. Rah-Rah!

Moreover it’s waterproof and can be used under the shower. Double Yay!

Now you know what to do, buddy. Thanks, scientists.



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