Revealed: Salman Khan’s Mystery Disease

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Dabangee in reel life and palangee* in the real.

(* person who spends most of the time on bed)

Could this be true of Salman Khan? Well, of course, we’re not saying it’s something serious, but some hardcore research and court filings tell us that Salman Khan suffers from a variety of problems related to a variety of organs such as brain, and heart.

Here’s a list of Mr Robinhood Pandey’s Diseases

1.Aneurysm of the Basilar Artery

One — The basilar artery forms part of the blood supply system for the brain and central nervous system. It gets formed when two vertebral arteries join at the skull’s base. It carries oxygenated blood to the brain and central nervous system.

Aneurysm is excessive localized swelling of the wall of an artery.

Wo, wo, wo, what does this mean?

That Salman Khan has a swollen head?

Nah, we all know that he had one. What aneurysm of the basilar artery means is that the basilar artery walls are swollen and are therefore cutting off critical blood supply to salman’s brain.

Gawd, this sounds worse. Run for cover you poor blackbucks and pavement dwellers.

Anyways, the long and short of it is that it the basilar artery’s swelling causes massive headaches and vision loss.

Treatment options are: observation, surgical clipping, coiling, and bypass.

Per this medical report, it seems that Salman Khan is in the first stage of this condition, hence, under observation.


Sallu’s basilar artery is still unruptured which is why he is under observation. Rupturing of this artery can even lead to death (50% chance).

Sallu Bhai should stay away from or control smoking, high blood pressure, alcohol, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and other negative lifestyle factors.

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2. Mysterious Heart Condition

The Times of India has made a mention that on 6 May 2015, Salman stopped his lawyer from disclosing his heart condition to the court.

The paper further added that Sallu bhai was suffering from a condition known as ‘arteriovenous malformation.’

We think that the TOI is wrong and that Sallu does not have any heart problems because this condition is related to the aneurysm of the basilar artery.

These are all we could find online. However, going by Salman’s history’s dark chapters — killing protected animals (blackbucks), maybe physically abusing girlfriends, drunk driving (no respect for the law), hobnobbing with politicians to beat the system, etc., suggests two disorders: Borderline Personality Disorder and a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Is Salman Khan all that we suspect him to be? Or, are we wrong. Will his aneurysm tame him in the long run?

We don’t know. You tell us.

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