Pahlaj Nihalani Allows Full Frontal Nude Scene and Gay Love in The Hateful Eight

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The Hateful Eight is a hugely talkative and violent flick that packs a punch. Actors spitting blood, a woman’s teeth broken by an elbow, an arm getting ripped out of a handcuff, an actor getting shot in the head at point blank range, racist dialogues, innocent people getting killed senselessly and brutally, graphic dialogues, a bloody back stab, and more such nasties are packed in this 8th Tarantino outing.

But there’re two more elements that can shake up the sensibilities of people who don’t follow Tarantino — full frontal male nudity and gay love.

Guess what? Pahlaj Nihalani has allowed bulk of these nude and gay scenes.


What has he censored out then? The cuss words, some violence and some part of the gay love.


Here’s what happens in this nude-gay scene:

Samuel Jackson (Major Warren) and Bruce Dern (General Sanders) were fighting on opposite sides in the American Civil War. Jackson taunts Sanders by describing how he captured his son alive and made him march nude in the snow.

The scene starts off with Sander’s son walking fully nude, his arms chained by Jackson. Then he crawls on his knees, falls down, and begs for a blanket. Jackson offers him warmth by asking him to perform gay love, which he obliges.

It’s a graphic scene that can shock you to your core. But that’s Tarantino for you, like him or leave him.

But this is not about Tarantino, this is about Pahlaj Nihalani.

Pahlaj has in the past censored a 20-second kissing scene, created a list of words that should be beeped out, banned documentaries (he should have banned the one he made on Modi), chopped all references to homosexuality, and committed many other censorship sins.


But he’s allowed full frontal nudity and gay love in The Hateful Eight.

Have Shyam Benegal and Kamal Hasan kicked Nihalani butt already?

Too early to tell, but seems like it.

Now about the The Hateful Eight. If you’re a Tarantino fan, see it now. If you’re not one, try it — it makes for very violent and talkative viewing.

About Pahlaj Nihalani — avoid him, he may be on his way out.



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