How Indian Writers Can Make Money From Home

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Many Indian writers can easily find work from home jobs if they are equipped with a Laptop, a decent Internet connection and adequate power backup. Of course, they need skill and experience to succeed.

The demand for content is tremendous these days and writers can easily pocket anything between $10 to $100 per 1,000-word article (above average writers can make anywhere between $50-$100 per day), depending on their calibre and area of interest.

Here is a step-by-step guide for Indian writers who aspire to work from home:

  1. Get your bio and samples right: Write a powerful bio and back it up with 4-5 samples. If you have not written for clients, write a few samples on topics that interest you. Everything should be well-written and error-free.

    If you don’t know how to write a strong bio, refer the following resources:

    Resource # 1

    Resource # 2
  2. Write a smart cover letter: You need to get an effective cover letter ready. However, know that there’s no one size fits all for cover letters. You have to tweak your letter depending on the job posting. Here are a couple of resources that should get you off to a flyer:

    Resource # 1

    Resource # 2

    Resource # 3
  3. Where Writers Should Hunt For Jobs:

    Okay, now you have your cover letter, bio, photograph and writing samples ready. It’s now time to apply to jobs: A freelancer-client work exchange where you have to bid for jobs. The downside of Upwork and other bidding sites is that genuinely good writers get lost in the noise because many below-average writers work for peanuts (like $5 per article, a price that is an insult to the profession).

    Freelance Writing Gigs: Superb resource that brings US, remote and virtual writing jobs on the freelancer’s table.

    People Per Hour, Guru: These too are bidding sites and work just like UpWork.

    Job Boards: You can view many remote writing jobs on these sites: Staff, Freelance Writing, several LinkedIn groups, Media Bistro Freelance Marketplace, and Craigslist Gigs (select a city and look for writing jobs in Gigs > Writing).

You need to be an experienced writer to succeed. If you are a fresher, practice before applying.

Remember, all of us have been writing since our KG days, but many from us cannot write a coherent sentence after attaining adulthood.

If you are an inexperienced writer or want to get started, I’d recommend you to take up an online English writing course. You can take one for free at Alison. About also provides excellent ESL (English as a Second Language) resources.

Whether you are ready or not, this guide will help you get started and ultimately make money, maybe a lot of money.

To succeed, aside from writing well, you must be a good communicator, proactive and turn in your work in good time. These factors will increase your career’s longevity.

Good luck.



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