Hair Care: How To Avoid Split Ends


Most folks, at some point in their life, would have suffered from those vile split ends. Split end hair can be a real nuisance for both men and women. It looks uncool and unhealthy and makes you feel all unkempt.

It occurs because harsh chemicals and heaty styling tools wear out the external protective layer of your hair cuticle. When the inner structure of the hair strand is exposed, it weakens, dehydrates and gets damaged leading to split ends. The only possible solution is to snip off those horrifying rough ends. But before you do that, here are a few tips that may save you the blushes:

i) Get smart with styling tools that heat up. Always use a comb to guide the hair straightener. This ensures that all hair are aligned in one direction and therefore helps you avoid straightening tangled strands or locks.

ii) While using a hair curler, start from the roots. Place the curling iron near the upper portion of hair and then wrap the remaining length onto the iron. This evens out the area receiving direct and intense heat and thereby saves the tips from receiving excessive heat.

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iii) Do not wash your often than required because excessive washing strips away natural protective oils produced by the scalp. Hair washing should be limited to once or twice a week.

iv) Let your hair down (hang it loose) while applying shampoo and ensure it gets applied mostly on the scalp and the remaining hair gets cleansed by shampoo that runs down.

v) Apply conditioner on the lower part of your hair strands near the tips. Applying conditioner on the scalp makes hair unnecessarily greasy and susceptible to damage.

vi) Use hair-friendly accessories like ribbons and scrunchies. Tight hair ties and pins that are fastened for a long time can damage hair and make it prone to breakage.

vii) Hairs are the weakest when wet. Never rub your hair vigorously. Use a cotton t-shirt (not a towel) to absorb the excess water from your hair.

viii) Eat a healthy diet that contains plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E because these nutrients rejuvenate hair from the inside out repairing most of the damage. Foods rich in these nutrients include avocado, seeds, almonds, cashews, broccoli, tomato, lemons, apples and fish.
ix) Try applying a leave-in conditioner or a pre swimming moisturizing lotion before jumping into the pool. The chlorine in the pool water reacts with keratin (building blocks of hair) and weakens its fibres.

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