Fake Flipkart Reviews To Drive Away Your Blues

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Frolling, or Flipkart Trolling is sarcastic and hilarious, but can have damaging consequences because all the sarcasm and bitching is preceded by a full 5 star rating.

Consider what happens when a guy who cannot read English lands up on the page. All he can see are 5-star reviews and though the review is a hugely sarcastic take by non-buyers, he cannot read it. Now, consider a guy who does not have the time to read the reviews and depends on the aggregate rating (number of stars) to make a choice.

Both such guys will end up buying the product because of either the aggregate or individual ratings.

The problem with Flipkart, no matter how much we love it, is that it allows even non-buyers to post reviews on any product (this is true as on 4 December 2015). Amazon does not allow this — it allows a only buyers of a specific product to review that particular product, and nothing else.

So, the thing is that Flipkart is the graveyard of scores of fake reviews. And, many reviews are plain hilarious, sarcastic or caustic.

One does not know how Flipkart intends to deal with fake reviews that have piled up. Why is it not deleting these?

In any case, here are a few funny and caustic Flipkart reviews for your fun and pleasure:

Sennheiser HD 800 Wired Headphones

Cost: Rs 90,249


Target of my life is to buy this

FROM TODAY I HAVE STARTED SAVINGS and i m sure after nearly 5 yrs i will buy this if i will not able to collect this much money i will sell my left kidney because its doesnt sing songs but i m thinking of a bank robbery or to move to underworld to collect some of the amount required for buying thi …great product thnx flipkart thanx scheninnisor

27 of 32 users found this review helpful (!!!!!!)


Dhoom 4 with Sennheiser coming soon 2015

I really wanted this headphones because dhoom 4 will be made on these headphones, the plot of Dhoom 4 will be that they will make a gang to steal these headphones and how Jay and Ali get these headphones and become thieves themselves because these are the worlds beat headphones!! An awesome story!!! Dhoom 4 with coming soon 2015
42 of 56 users found this review helpful.

You can read more such caustic comments on the product page (link given above).


Five Point Someone: What Not To Do At IIT (Chetan Bhagat’s book)

An Experience Worse than Rolling Around with Diseased Pigs on the Last Day of Your Life

You have all the ingredients in here to make even the lamest reality show look like blockbusters. The author starts-off by admitting he lacks the grasp of the basic english language, and with his sloppy langugage and poor, 5th-standard-fail grammer it certainly shows. He might have as well admitted that he was undergoing a lobotomy being performed by a quack while writing this book; because short of that no one can believe this was written by person who has passed Class X. It is so replete with mistakes (and sheer stupidity) that one can barely finish a quarter of the book.

A non-existent plot, cheap and superficial characters, no conceivable common thread (except that the word IIT comes up every now and then). This book is a scathing indictment of his so-called education, and we can only hope, that this is not reflective of the rest of the IITians.

If you get a choice between slow, painful death and this book, choose the former; at least your time will be well spent. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS.

34 of 63 users found this review helpful.


Koss Headphones

Cost: Rs. 1,17,000

Headphones to heaven

This headphone is just amazing. Whenever I connect it, I am able to connect to Led Zeppelin, Amy Winehouse and Bob Dylan. I love the headphones a lot. I skipped my engineering fees of Five semesters just to buy this amazing piece of headphone

11 of 15 users found this review helpful.


Samsung S5 (Deleted Review — See Image)

Caution: Foul language used. Parental Advisory Needed if you are below 16. Click on this text to open image if you are.

That’s all we could research into for now. If you want to read funny stuff on Flipkart, check the high priced items.

In any case, do not rely solely on the reviews. Use your own judgement and rely on maybe, word-of-mouth publicity.

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