10 Amazing Websites That Can Help You Improve

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The Internet can be a fantastic place for learning and self-improvement if you hit the right buttons. Trouble is that there the billions of websites out there end up confusing and distracting you from accessing sites that matter, sites that could make a difference to your life.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 such Websites that we feel can make a difference. There are more, and we will be happy if you can list those in your comments.

Here they are:

#10 Khan Academy


Contains 1,000s of lectures on maths, science, economics, arts, humanities, computing and SAT. Priceless site that should contain the knowledge you’re after.

It also hosts very valuable partner content.


#9 Howcast


What do you want to learn today — how to create a small garden, how to throw a super hit party, how to break a lock, and more? You name it and HowCast has it in the form of a short video that’s easy to follow.

It’s so darn useful, I am sure you will refer to it at least 2-3 times in the next year.


#8 Coursera


You’ll find the world’s best courses on this site. Arts, Business, Maths, Life Sciences, Data Science, Personal Development, Social Sciences, etc.

The best thing is that such courses are developed by reputed universities. This is one site that is manna for the avid learner and I would place it much higher than Khan Academy (listed above).


#7 DuoLingo


Want to learn a foreign language? Duolingo’s the website to head to.

It contains high quality language courses which are made to good use by millions of learners. You can choose to start as a beginner or as a person with intermediate knowledge.

Go ahead, pick up Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, or some other language of your choice.


#6 Life Hacker


Another amazing resource. It taps into the best-of-the-best sites on the Internet (including a couple of sites on this page) and brings to you essential skills you must have or need to improve the quality of life (travel, home, fun, learning, technology, health productivity and more).

For example, you’ll learn quickly and easily how to banish bad odour, plan your finances, understand food labels, tackle obesity, avoid credit card mistakes and many, many more life skills.


#5 HG TV


Everybody wants to beautify his home but does not have the knowledge and the skills.

That’s where HG TV steps in to help. This is America’s premier channel for home improvement and even Indians can get truckloads of inspiration and learn how to actually do up their home, step by step.

It contains tonnes of inspiration, tips and decorating ideas for your home ranging from the affordable to the luxurious. Don’t miss it.


#4 Fit Day


FitDay is a FREE weight loss and diet journal that allows you to set goals and track and log your food activity and more.

It’s used by over 6 million people and the number’s growing by the day. FitDay uses your data to calculate calories consumed or burned during the day. You can even figure out how many calories you burned while performing your desk job!


#3 Spreeder


Do you want to become a speed reader? A person who can read rapidly and understand fully several phrases or sentences, all at once.

If yes, head to Spreeder to learn this art (of course, by using their PC tool or app). It will help you become more confident, improve your employment quotient, and maybe even do better in college.


#2 MIT Courseware


I know I’ve packed in 3 education sites in here, but all three seem valuable and therefore share worthy.

This one’s from the MIT (Massachusets Institute of Technology). It’s number one in the world and therefore must be mentioned. It would have gotten the top ranking, but that’s reserved for …


#1 Bucket List


A bucket list is a list of must-do things before you meet God. Sure, you have your own things to do but this site can help bigtime.

After contributing your list, you can view other lists and perhaps modify your own. Here are some cool ideas from the site: See the Northern Lights, visit a haunted house, see the Great Wall of China, and many, many more…

Thanks for dropping by and reading this piece. Do not forget to leave your list in the comments.



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