What Is Mascara and How To Apply It?

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Mascara is a cosmetic product that is applied to thicken eyelashes. It also helps you to lengthen and beautify eyes.

Mascara is a Spanish word, meaning ‘mask’ or ‘stain’. Eugene Rimmel, a French businessman commercially first marketed mascara in the 1830s. The version available in shops these days is in the form of Tube and Wand, which was introduced in 1957 by Helena Rubinstein.

It comes as a liquid cosmetic in tubes and is applied with a brush called a wand. Earlier mascara was sold as cakes and creams.

It is typically made of carbon black, pigments, iron peroxide (in brown mascara), oil emulsions, waxes, stearic acid, or water.


How To Choose A Mascara Wand?

Mascara is applied with a wand. Here’s how you should choose one:

i) Short wands with thick bristles are used for short lashes.

ii) Long, comb-like brushes called wands are used for lengthening eyelashes.

iii) Round wands with dense bristles are used for sparse lashes.

iv) Curled brushes are used to curl the eyelashes.

v) Rubber wands with moderately spaced bristles are used on natural eyelashes.


How To Apply Mascara?

i) Select the right colour.

ii) Determine the desired length, volume and definition of eyelashes.

iii) Clean eyes.

iv) Curl lashes with lash curler.

v) Rub the mascara wand inside the rim of the tube to get excess mascara off.

vi) Close eyes and start applying mascara from roots to the upper lash line.

vii) Wiggle the brush back and forth.

viii) Do the same for lower lashes.

ix) Use a lash comb to define and separate lashes before the mascara dries.

x) Remove smudges with makeup removers such as baby oil, baby cream, or olive oil.

xi) Repeat the mascara application depending upon the desired thickness.

Do You Know About Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash extensions are quite popular among women who desire long and curled lashes.

The craving for beautiful eyes can is fraught with risks though. Eyelash extensions are made up of synthetic fibers. The adhesives and solutions required to put and pull them can cause eye infections if you do not follow instructions. Carelessly pulling fake eyelashes can harm your natural lashes.

Cornea infections, eyelash loss and eyelid swelling are other possible vulnerabilities.If you want to avoid these risks, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Or, stick to mascara.

Did You Know These Facts About Mascara?

Mascara has the shortest lifetime among all beauty products. The bottle’s contents expire after three months of usage. If the mascara dries within three months, throw it away.  Don’t add water or any other liquid to moisturise it.

Using expired mascara can cause potential eye risks such as thinning of eyelashes and eye irritation.

Avoid borrowing or lending mascara. You are inviting eye infection.

Remember not to throw away the mascara wand. Mascara wands should be cleaned with shampoo and hot water to preserve them for other uses. They can be used to clean jewellery and other precious ornaments.

Fun Fact About Mascara

Can you imagine animal stools being used as an eye makeup product?  

No? Well, you’re wrong.
Egyptians made the first mascara using crocodile dung around 4000 BC. Croc dung, water, honey, and kohl were mixed to make this dungy eyelash product.



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