Top 10 Nail Polish Hacks For Teens and Newbies

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Hey there! Unable to get perfectly painted nails? Does your nail polish routine leave you in a mess and all hassled?

Don’t worry, here’re some quick and dirty hacks that will help your nails look all cutie-pie and lovey-dovey:

  1. Line up your nails with Vaseline before applying the nail polish. This makes nail polish removal easier.
  2. Always apply a base coat and a top coat. The base coat provides a nice “sticky ground” to the nail polish, extending its life by a couple of days. The top coat covers the nail tip and ensures that the polish below does not chip off while you’re typing away.
  3. Do not apply a thick coat. Apply thin coats because they dry faster. If you have purchased a thick nail polish, dilute it with a thinner.
  4. One coat of nail polish should be applied within 3 strokes.

Here’s how you should apply one coat: Dip brush and extract a glob of polish on its edge, spread it on your nail and cover nail. There, one coat is done.

  1. Don’t use polish that dries very quickly because it dehydrates your nails and weakens them.
  2. After nail lacquer application, place your hands under cold water. This hastens the drying process.
  3. To make neon polish stand out, use a white shade of polish as your first coat. This will help your neon shade look more sheer.

While drying nail polish, do not shake your hands because that will end up creating bubbles.

  1. Avoid dipping your hands in hot water (taking a shower, doing the dishes, yada, yada) because heat expands the nail surface, causing cracks in the polish.
  2. Know that glitter polish lasts longer than regular nail polish.
  3. To turn your regular nail polish into glitter polish, just mix it with eyeshadow.

Bang, bang, I’m done! Your turn — Go hit the nail on its head!



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