Shelf Life of Makeup Products

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Makeup products go bad over time. Once they expire, they do not work well, and in some cases, dated products can cause allergies and infections.

Once you open the products, air enters and changes their chemical formula. Temperature changes and moisture also boost the bacterial growth over time.

You must toss out makeup products once they exceed their shelf lives. Here’s a quick guide on expected shelf life of makeup products:


Foundation: Liquid foundation lasts for six months while powder foundation lasts for up to two years.

The chances of bacterial growth in liquid foundation are higher because you may be applying it with your fingers. Powder foundation stiffens over time and becomes difficult to blend.


Mascara: Mascara has the shortest shelf life of about three to four months. Applying expired mascara will make for a rough and flawed application. The dark and wet environment inside the mascara tube also promotes bacterial growth.


Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow lasts for about three months. It must be changed then because it is applied on the eyelids and you don’t want to risk an eye infection. Powder eyeshadows cake over time and become clunky and difficult to pick.


Eyeliners: Pencil and liquid liners last for three months. These are applied on eyelids and bacteria/germs inside them can contaminate your eyes. Pencil liners last a bit longer than liquid liners. Sharpening pencil liners regularly also gets you a new, clean layer.


Lip cosmetics: Lipstick, lipgloss and lipliners have a shelf life of 1 year. They dry out or become sticky over time. Store lipsticks in a cool and dry place to increase their functional life.


Nail Polish: Nail polish must be replaced after a year or two. It may dry out depending on temperature changes and humidity. It also thickens over time and may stop giving a smooth finish.


Concealer: Powder concealers last for up to two years, while liquids last for a year.


Blush: Blushes have a long shelf life — 12-18 months.


Multani Mitti (in natural state) — Lasts for years, does not go bad.



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