How To Match Lipstick With Your Dress and Makeup

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  1.  What lipstick to wear with a red dress? – A Red matte lipstick works best if you’re dressing up for a party. But do not overdo it or you’ll look like a cartoon. Another color that goes really well with a red dress is Nude (with smokey eyes).
  1.  What lipstick color works well with a Royal Blue dress? – Matte Red, Pink, Magenta or Coral.
  1.  What lipstick color works well for people who have henna (mehndi)-coloured hair? – A color that matches the hair color (brandy lipstick for brandy-coloured hair, pale red lipstick for pale coloured hair, and so on), Nude and Matching Pink.
  1.  What lipstick goes with gold eyeshadow? – Rose, Light Pink, Nude, Plum.
  1.  What lipstick goes with an orange dress? – Nude or Light Pink.
  1. What eyeshadow colour works well for peach lipstick? – Smokey brown, Apricot, Vibrant Blue, Black, or Purple.
  1. What dress colour works well with blue lipstick? – I stay away from blue lipstick because it’s so bright and in-your-face. Anyway, if you’ve applied it, wear a matching blue dress. Dark gray and White should work too.
  1.  List cool lipstick colours for the summer – Pinks (light to bright), Cherry, Magenta, Neon Red.
  1.   What’s the best eyeshadow colour that suits red lipstick? – Any light colour, Smokey, Neutral, Black, Gold, Nude.
  1.  Which lipstick will match my green dress? – Nudes, Scarlet (Dark), Peach, Coral, Earthy Brown.


7 Tips when you wear red lipstick

Red lips reflect confidence, charisma, and boldness. Yet, you must be careful while applying dark shades. Here are few tips:

i)   Exfoliate lips before applying lipstick to make it last longer. Use a honey scrub or gently scrub lips with a toothbrush.

ii) Select the lipstick colour based on your skin undertone. Red lipsticks go well with cool undertones.

iii) Go for subtle eye makeup.

iv) Never miss out on the lip liner. A liner defines your pouts and prevents lipstick smudges.

v) Bold red pouts work best with evening gowns, leather jackets, or black and brown outfits.

vi) Red lipsticks do not look good on yellow-stained teeth. It suits white teeth better.

vii) Avoid dark red tones if you have thin lips. Dark red will make your lips more smaller. Try lighter shades of red.



What is the difference between lipstick and chapstick?

Lipstick is opaque and can be matte, shimmer, creme or glossy. It is used by women as a beautifying agent.

Chapstick is a brand name for lip balm. It is normally scented and is basically used for protecting the lips and giving them a shimmer. Chapsticks are colourless and so can be used by both men and women.




Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick costs about $62,000. It is made up of 110 grams of 18k gold and embedded with 199 glittering diamonds.  It is available in 15 different shades and is refillable.

Does it sell well?

I don’t know. Maybe. The world’s full of rich morons.



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