How to Wear Red Lipstick Perfectly

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Among all the lipstick colors, red is the most feminine, classic, bold and sexy color to wear on lips. At the same time, however, many women lack the confidence of carrying this classic bold look.

This is because if not worn the right way, with the right kind of makeup to complement the lips, red lipstick can make one look like a vampire. One thing that can contribute to this, for instance, is loud eye makeup. The makeup on the rest of the face too should be very subtle and minimalist.

For example, a bit of mascara and beige eye shadow for the eyes will work far better than loads of black eyeliner, dark eye shadow and mascara. For the face, just dabbing a little bit of the same shade of lipstick on the apples of the cheeks and blending well with fingers using circular movements will do.

Coming back to guidelines on wearing red lipstick, one has to begin with choosing the right shade. This depends upon a number of factors.

How to choose the right shade of red

A shade of red that looks absolutely stunning on one woman may look horrendous on another. Similarly, a shade that looks elegant on one occasion, say in an evening party under artificial lights, may look ghastly in daytime under natural light. Here are some tips on choosing the right shade of red that can help any woman accentuate her beauty and carry with ease the classic bold and sexy red-lips look:

  • The lighting factor should always be kept in mind while choosing the right shade of red lipstick. If outdoors in natural light, softer shades are the ideal choice. For evenings and indoors in artificial lights, bolder and brighter shades work the best.
  • Women with very thin lips should preferably avoid deep red shades as they can make the lips look even less full. They can go for pink or orange shades of red, depending upon their skin tone and hair color.


  • In general, the choice of the right shade should be made keeping in mind the skin tone and the hair color.  And while making a suitable color match to the skin, various lipstick shades should be actually tested on lips, rather than on the back side of the palm, as many women do. This will give the most accurate color match.
  • Women showing intense natural coloring contrasts, such as porcelain-white skin combined with black or dark hair and deep-blue eyes, should experiment with intense shades of red – reds with blue undertones, rather than yellow, will elicit the underlying warmth on the face.
  • On the other hand, the beauty of a light-brown skin tone is rightly accentuated with coral-red shades having subtle golden undertones, but not too far towards orange shades.
  • For a lightly tanned skin tone, a flamboyant brick-red shade of lipstick, a bit darker than cherry red, can work wonders and make one look absolutely chic and stunning.
  • The beauty and the warmth of still darker skin tones such as copper and olive gets highly accentuated by wearing lipsticks in bright, red shades having pink undertones, for instance, fuchsia red and raspberry red. The trick lies in not going overboard towards neon-bright shades.
  • For real dark brown, chocolate-colored skin tone, a purple-red shade of lipstick matching the color of an overripe pomegranate can transform a plain Jane into a sophisticated chic woman. A bit of glitter or golden shimmer can further enhance the beauty of this shade of red on dark brown skin.
  • Finally, the black-coffee-colored skin. Surprisingly, what works the best for this skin tone is the same as what works the best for the fairest porcelain-white skin – bright red with blue undertones. And if the bright red is glossy, then even better.


Matte or glossy?

Once a particular shade of red is chosen, the question arises whether matte or glossy. Matte finish lipsticks stay much longer and are ideal for long and busy schedules. However, if the lips are very dry type, with flaky and cracked skin texture, matte lipsticks can accentuate this feature, making the lips look even more flaky and dry.

In that case, a lipstick with some kind of a moisturizer or skin conditioner should be chosen, if one is not too fond of a full glossy look.

A glossy red lipstick makes a perfect choice for that chic and sophisticated party-woman look, especially for the evening and night events. It can be worn alone by itself or on top of a matte shade. Applying a coat of matte lipstick of the same shade under the glossy lipstick will make it last longer

Finally, here is a quick-fix tip: If a shade is coming too strong on the lips, a golden gloss on top can soften it. Further, a pink gloss can lend a blue undertone to a red shade.


The technique of applying a red lipstick perfectly

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Here is a step-by-by step guide to applying a red lipstick perfectly:

  • To start with, the skin of the lips should be made smooth and even by lightly scrubbing them with sugar granules, alone or mixed with honey, to remove any dead skin and flakes.
  • Exfoliation of the dead skin must be followed by application of a good quality moisturizer or skin conditioner. This prepares the lip surface for even application of the lipstick.
  • A thin layer of skin-colored foundation on the prepared lip surface before actually applying the lipstick can make the lipstick last longer. This step is not a must.
  • The next step involves carefully and precisely outlining the lips. The liner color must match the lipstick color accurately, or else a nude or skin-colored liner may be used. A concealer or a highlighter can also be used to outline the lips using a thin brush. To create a natural look, the outer edge of the lip-line can be gently merged with the surrounding skin.
  • In the final step, the prepared lip surface needs to be filled with the chosen shade of the red lipstick with the help of a lip brush or directly from the tube. The concealer outline mentioned in the previous step can help prevent “bleeding” of the lipstick color.
  • Once the lips are filled in with the desired color, any excess lipstick needs to be removed to prevent the ugly red-staining of the teeth. This can be done by gently pressing a soft tissue paper between the lips to lift the excess lipstick. Some women make use of their index finger to pick up the excess lipstick color instead of the tissue paper.
  • It is recommended that every couple of hours the lips be checked for any fading or spreading of the red lip color and the lipstick be reapplied if necessary.


This is how you must apply red lipstick perfectly.



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