Hollywood Makeup Effects You Can Replicate at Home

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A stapled nose looks gruesome, sounds eerie and seems tough to accomplish but is actually easy to create. Here’s how:

— Make a thread like shape by rolling wax in your hands. Place it on your nose.

— Blend in the edges with the help of spatula. Apply foundation on the area and set it with translucent loose powder.

— Use a toothpick to dig a vertical line into wax. Lightly stretch the skin around your nose to part the two sides.

— Apply blood gel in between the two layers to create depth and dab some blue and red eyeshadow around nose and eye bags to create bruise-like marks.

— Using a solder wire make small staples and tug them one by one on your nose.

Wohh! Here’s your terrific stapled nose!

Image credits: https://cdn3.cdnme.se/637934/6-3/img_9746_5266adf7e087c3398915e665.jpg




Want to turn into a horrifying zombie with a hole in the head, who’s terrorizing people like the plague?

Perfect. You’re just like me!

Here’s how:

— Take a small amount of wax and roll it to make a small flat ball.

— Place it anywhere you want your bullet hole to be. Lightly press the edges so that it doesn’t look fake.

— Dig a little hole into the wax using a spatula or a toothpick. Apply foundation over the whole area to match it with your skin tone and set it with loose translucent powder.

— To make the hole look bloody real, dab red and black paint into it. Apply a small amount of blush around the hole to mimic redness.

— Apply blood gel into the hole using your fingers. For gory realism, paint dark red paint dripping out of the hole.

Pull off this creepy bullet hole with your zombie costume and feel real alive while looking half dead..!!

Image credits: https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/9-2/637934/images/2011/img_9247_171548417.jpg


Ghostly Nun Look


No, this is not about looking as saintly Mother Teresa or Florence Nightingale. This is about looking like Fredie Kruger’s psycho sister. Here’s how:

— Use spirit gum to cover your eyebrows. Using a palette knife, spread the glue stick in one direction starting from the front to the ends of your eyebrows.

— After the glue dries, apply translucent loose powder.

— Using a fluffy powder brush, cover your whole face with white powder for a ghostly look.

— To create a weird sleepless look, tightline your eyes with red gel liner. Blend using an angled brush.

— Final and most efficacious step! Apply black kohl on the water line and create massive teardrop stains using black gel liner.

Ohhh!!! Here comes the scary nun. Runnnnnn!!!

Image credits: http://cdn3.gurl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/scarymakeup6.jpg



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