Hidden Uses & Secrets of Vaseline as a Beauty and Makeup Tool

Vaseline beauty hacks
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Vaseline is hell of a lot more than a cure for dry skin. But uses in makeup and beauty are hidden and known only to a few.

Do you know that you can use Vaseline to remove stubborn makeup residues, nourish your eyelashes, and more?

Let’s get started with the Vaseline beauty secrets:

Taming your Brows

A light touch of Vaseline along the length of eyebrows keeps them in place all day long, leaving behind a glossy and waterproof finish.

Lengthening Lashes

Applying a small amount of Vaseline along the length of your lashes makes them look long and beautiful. Vaseline also makes your lashes grow long and strong.  

Vaseline moisturizes dry and brittle lashes prolonging the cycle of lash growth thereby helping you get thicker and longer lashes.

If you are having trouble applying it use a clean mascara wand.

Soothing Flaky Heels

Massaging Vaseline on flaky heels before bed and then putting on socks can heal the feet.

Removing False Lashes

The glue used for applying false eyelashes can be stubborn and messy, leaving behind stuck lashes and thereby damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. Don’t worry — Vaseline can help. Smudge a cotton swab with a some Vaseline and gently stroke against the lash line. Wait for a few minutes as the Vaseline molecules loosen the glue. Now, gently peel away the fake lashes.

Substituting The Highlighter

We all desire a dewy and fresh look. But do you know that Vaseline can help you get it without having to buy an expensive highlighter or illuminator?

Dab a little Vaseline on your cheekbones for a glowing finish. That’s all you have to do.

Moisturizing Your Face

We pamper our cracked heels and chapped lips with Vaseline but do you know it can also be used  as a facial moisturizer? Vaseline is noncomedogenic  — meaning that it does not block your skin’s pores.

It is perfectly fine to apply Vaseline on your face. It acts as a barrier and retains moisture on the surface of the skin, without blocking the pores.

Coloring your Hair

Most of us are shit scared by hair coloring because of its evil after effects, which can include colored patches on the forehead and behind the ears. Vaseline again comes to your rescue.

Apply a little amount of Vaseline along the hairline before coloring it. The hair color will only fall on the Vaseline and not on your skin. You can then brush it off.

Soothing cracked cuticles

Soften fissured cuticles (the skin where the nail embeds itself) by gently massaging Vaseline around your nails. Vaseline moisturizes dry cuticles and prevents them from splitting. It is also an inexpensive method when its price is compared to regular cuticle creams and oils.

Preparing a Homemade Lip Scrub

We all use Vaseline as a lip-foot balm but have you thought of using it as a scrub? You should because it works!

Prepare a scrub by mixing one teaspoon of sugar with 1/8th teaspoon Vaseline. Gently rub the concoction on your lips to get rid of flakes make them super smooth.

Healing a Sunburn

Dab Vaseline onto the irritated area. The moisture gets locked in thereby preventing dryness and redness.

Self Tanning Tool

While working with a tanning lotion, some areas like elbows, knees, wrists and ankles could turn out to be a problem because these are relatively drier. So, these areas end up absorbing more product and end up looking darker than other areas after the tan.

Applying Vaseline on these areas prior to tanning acts as barrier and prevents excessive absorption.

Making your Legs Glow

Mix Vaseline with an old, cracked bronzer and slick the mixture over your legs. The mixture prevents dryness and gives your sexy legs a sun-kissed glow.

That’s all folks! Try these hacks to save time and bucks!

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