Eye Makeup Tutorial: Eyebrow Tinting

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What is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is the process of coloring the eyebrows using a semi-permanent color. It is similar to hair coloring. The brow color can be removed with an appropriate remover that usually comes in the package. You can try eyebrow tinting in the following situations:

i) When you’re changing your hair colour. You don’t have to match your eyebrow colour with your hair colour. Use a couple of lighter or darker shades than your new hair colour.

ii) When your eyebrows have turned gray. Get gray eyebrows tinted instead of plucking them. Plucking eyebrow hair can create bald patches on the brow.

iii) When your eyebrows have started thinning. Tinting eyebrows with a darker colour makes them look thicker.

How to select the right  eyebrow tint shade

i) Black tint goes with black hair.

ii) Indian women can try black and charcoal colours (grey).

iii) Caucasians can try blonde brows.

iv) Grey tints suit people with gray and white hair.

v) Brown-haired women can experiment with chestnut (brown/red) colours.

vi) Redheads (Henna Heads) can use taupe and deep red brown.

Can I perform eyebrow tinting at home?

No, you cannot perform eyebrow tinting at home. It must be performed by a professional. But you must know how it’s performed because if you do not give the proper instructions you can end up with centipede eyebrows or uneven and scratchy brows that won’t make your face eye candy.


How is eyebrow tinting performed?

The process takes about 20-25 minutes and must be performed only by a professional.

Adequate safety measures should be taken, and these include:

i) The same colour applicator should not be used on all clients.

ii) Vaseline should be applied on skin to stop colours from spilling on to it.

iii) A patch test should be carried out 24 hours before application.

The Process-

i) Apply vaseline/petroleum jelly around the eyebrow area to avoid colouring of skin.

ii) Apply eyebrow colour on the eyebrows using an applicator.

iii) Move applicator from the inner part of the brow to the outer part.  

iv) Wait for 5-10 minutes for the tint to develop.

v) Remove the tint with cotton balls.

The tint lasts for at least 6-8 weeks as eyebrow hairs have a short growth cycle.

BONUS: Tips for eyebrow plucking

  1. Choose sharp and slanted tweezers as they can grab the tiny hair quickly without pinching the skin.
  1. Plucking eyebrows after a hot shower is less painful because warm water opens up the hair follicles, making plucking easier.
  1. Avoid using a magnifying mirror while doing your eyebrows as it can create a perception that there is more hair to pluck. This can lead to over plucking.
  1. Mark the desired arch shape using an eyebrow pencil. After this, pluck away the hair above and below the arch.


Eyebrows have a lifespan of about four months. They grow and fall during then. Eyebrows have the shortest life span as compared to hair on any other body part.



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