Disastrous But Common Makeup Mistakes

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You always feel so good after taking a full body massage at the spa or after applying a homemade facial mask or after a relaxing pedicure.



You probably haven’t realized even now that all these beauty regimens may have done more harm than good — if these were not administered properly.

For instance when you were at the spa purring and enjoying your heavenly massage, did you bother about the towels or the sheets used on you?

Probably not.

If these sheets and towels were not steamed and cleaned properly, then you have probably gotten in direct with colonies of bacteria and you now are likely prone to serious skin infections.

Also, did you waited for the homemade facial mask to get too dry and flaky?


Then you absorbed all the moisture which will end up making your skin very dry.

Everyone may have at some point or the other experienced such events.

But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of beauty bloopers that will help you stay safe:

  • Applying conditioner on entire hair length weighs down hair and makes it look greasy. Apply the conditioner from the middle of the strands to the roots. Hair that is close to the scalp is healthy and less likely to get damaged, whereas hair ends are old and very vulnerable to damage.
  • Spraying perfume after dressing up. Perfumes are made to be applied directly on the skin so that it can interact with heat from the body (heat points where perfume should be applied are also the pulse points such as nave,. behind the ear, wrists, etc.). Fabric fibres alters the true fragrance of a perfume and clothes get stained easily. So always dab the perfume before dressing up — apply it on knees, wrists, base of the throat and behind the earlobes.
  • Plucking your eyebrows too thin. When you stand too close to the mirror while plucking, you tend to focus on each hair, but you lose track of the arc shape and end up thinning it. To avoid this blunder, use a large mirror — if you use a small mirror, you will have to get really close to it.  Also, stand close to a light source. After plucking a few hairs, step away and check the arc shape and symmetry. 
  • Accentuating thin brows with a dark eyebrow pencil will likely make them look unnatural and weird. Use a pencil with a thin gauge.
  • Neglecting sun-screening the neck. Don’t just cover your face with sunscreen, rub some on your neck as well. The area on the neck is very sensitive and is as likely to get damaged from sun exposure as your face. So, do not stop at the chin and work your down on your neck too.
  • Showering till you feel immaculately clean. Showering for a long time may feel satisfying, but strips off moisture-retaining lipids and natural oils off your skin. Limit your bath time to 10 minutes maximum and use warm instead of hot water.
  • Not cleaning your makeup brushes. Your makeup tools become a playground for germs and bacteria if you do not clean them regularly. Use baby shampoo and clean your brushes under lukewarm water, after use.
  • Lining the lips and not filling it in. Always fill in the liner using inward strokes because it extends the wear of your lipstick and makes them look fuller and plump. Deep-coloured lipsticks go well with subtle blush shades.

Ask your cosmetics seller to disinfect the tester lipstick sample before you test for colour. If he does not have a disinfectant, do not apply that lipstick because you don’t want your lips to be a home to other people’s bacteria.

  • Testing foundation on the back of your hand. The skin on the back of your hands is slightly more red than on your face and doesn’t reflect the true foundation hue. Test foundation on your jawline or neck. Applying foundation on dry skin makes blending difficult, resulting in cakey, parched earth-like face. Exfoliate and moisturise skin before applying foundation.
  • Over-powdering. Just because your powder is labelled as ‘translucent’, it doesn’t mean that it is invisible. So, don’t overdo it. Apply a light layer first and if you are touching up during the day then apply only where it is needed.

Tip: If your skin is oily, use blotting paper before applying the powder. Otherwise, your makeup will look all cakey.

  • Using the wrong under-eye concealer. If you are trying to hide dark rings under your eyes, then choosing a concealer that is 2-3 shades lighter is a BIG NO! Instead, use a concealer with a peach tone because it cancels out the purples and blues of the dark circles. 
  • If you have close set eyes, apply thick eyeliner at the outer edges of your eyes to make them appear wide. If your eyes are set wide, apply thin liner strokes.
  • Don’t stick with tried and tested cosmetics — Keep pace with changing trends. Check out newer brands like Skin Apeel, Fablashous, Infinitive Beauty, etc. These are imported from the UK.

That’s all folks! For now.

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