Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type

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It works for all types of skin because it’s easy to apply and gives a natural finish. Don’t choose a very light shade because it will make you look ghostly. Apply it using a foundation brush.

Coverage: Medium 

Finish:Dewy or matte

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, glycols, and paraben waxes. Liquid foundation with SPF protects from the sun. If mica is present, then the foundation will reflect light after application.

Best for: Those who prefer medium coverage and also need to keep their skin hydrated. It smoothens any unevenness too. Though liquid foundation works for all skin types, it works best for dry or aged skin.



Thicker and without shine, such foundations can provide a range of covers from sheer to medium. They look best when applied with a sponge or a blendaball. Such foundation help you control the oil secreted by your skin and prevent your makeup/face from shining for some hours. These work best with pressed powder, powder blush, and/or bronzer.

Coverage: Sheer to medium.

Finish: Smooth and Matte finish.

Best for: People desiring a smooth, matte look. Also a great choice for women who are prone to acne breakouts.



This type of foundation is mostly used by professional makeup artists in India. These are mostly oil-free and long lasting. They set quickly too and therefore should be blended/mixed quickly. These work fantastic when paired with sheer matte powder, blushes and bronzers.

Coverage: Full Coverage

Finish: Strong matte finish

Best for: Women with oily skin



These are slightly thicker than oil-free foundations and blend easily. For best results, use such foundations with cream or cream-to-powder Blush or bronzer. The foundation’s soft finish and slight sheen never fails to lend a glow to your skin.

Coverage: Light to Medium Coverage

Finish: Satin or satin-matte finish

Best for: Perfect for women with normal to dry skin.



Cream based provides more coverage than liquid foundations. Therefore, you must use a minimal quantity per application. This is a thick foundation that can be applied with a sponge, blendaball or foundation brush.

Coverage: Medium to heavy

Finish: Dewy

Best for: Women who want full coverage and a flawless finish. It efficiently conceals imperfections and is ideal for aged, normal and dry skin. It works fantastic for women with uneven pigmentation.



Mousse foundations don’t sit heavily against the skin and impart a matte finish. These work great for women with dry or aged skin because they don’t cake up, are easy to apply and soft. This foundation settles nicely in the skin and does not sit on top of the face — this factor makes for a natural and even finish.  

Coverage: Medium to full coverage

Finish: Matte

Best for: Women with mature skin. It also is ideal for women with normal to dry skin.



Stick foundation is intended to provide quick and heavy coverage. You must not use it daily because it’s fullness clogs your pores will clog and that can create blemishes.

Coverage: Maximum coverage
Finish: Full coverage (covers imperfections nicely)
Best for: Women who desire full coverage. These work best for folks with normal to dry skin.  Women blessed with clear skin should avoid it because it looks heavy on such skin.



This is a plain Jane Moisturizer with a little color added to it. It does cover up some unevenness and you should always apply it with a foundation brush or Miss Pouty Blendaball.

Coverage: Sheer to Light

Finish: Matte and satin

Best for: This is one product for women who are pressed for time or those who don’t like their makeup to show. It looks really good on women who have clear, perfect skin.

It imparts a subtle glow that makes you stand out with a natural look that’s really gets enhanced. Ideal for normal and dry skin. It is a delight to use during the hot summers.



Such foundations have a dual finish and provide a fast and easy sheer-medium coverage. These contain pigments and Emollient that work better than regular powder. Use a brush to apply if you want a sheer coverage, and a sponge or Blendaball if you want much-more-than-sheer coverage.

Coverage: Sheer to medium coverage

Finish: Dual finish

Best for: Millennials and young women because it contains only a miniscule quantity of oil. The low oil content ensures that the foundation does not clog pores and in this way, it indirectly reduces the risk of acne breakouts.

Works best for normal to oily skin. Women with dry skin should avoid it unless they want their face to look as if it’s freshly sprayed by chalk powder.



Such foundation can be easily reapplied during the day to fend off oily skin. For best results, apply it with a powder brush.

Coverage: Light to Medium, depending on usage

Finish: Matte

Best for: Women with oily skin, who are in a position to use it 2-3 times in a day. The foundation nicely evens the skin tone, hides blemishes and absorbs oil.



Works best for sensitive skin, and for skin that is vulnerable to acne breakouts. Apply it with a foundation brush.

Coverage: Light to Medium

Finish: Satin or matte

Best for: All types of skin, especially women with sensitive skin will love it. It makes for a nice and gentle coverage that doesn’t appear overloaded. It evens your skin tone, moisturizes it and absorbs the skin’s oil secretions.
Now that you know which foundation to use, all you need to do is figure out your skin type.



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