Bridal Makeup: What Brides Should Know About Concealers

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Most women have flaws on their skin and every bride must accept that fact. Blemishes occur because genes, environment and lifestyle combine together to impact your complexion.

Such blemishes and marks must be concealed especially on the wedding day, which is the day every bride cherishes for the rest of her life. And, here’re what every bride must know about concealers:

  1. Apply concealer only on the affected area. Do not apply it elsewhere.
  1. A concealer’s texture is different than a foundation’s. Concealers are thicker and drier, and they stick. If you do not use it right, its marks will show. do not apply too much concealer.
  1. Use a moist and creamy concealer on areas that are below your eyes.
  1. Use a dry concealer to hide acne breakouts.
  1. If you use a stick concealer, buy the creamy and dry varieties. Use the creamy stick on delicate skin (under the eyes) and the dry stick on marks, capillaries, spots, etc.
  1. Pot concealers are mostly used by salon pros. These provide full coverage and are available in different formulas.
  1. Tube concealers have a lighter texture which is why they do not accumulate in fine lines, making them a solid choice for older people. You can even mix these with your foundation.
  1. Do not use a concealer to hide a slight discoloration. Try applying a second layer of foundation instead.
  1. You can apply the concealer before foundation for lighter coverage and over foundation for fuller coverage.
  2. Women with dry skin should avoid matte-finished liquid conditioners; Women with oily skin should stay away from oily and creamy concealers because these may clog pores and cause an unwanted shine.



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