Bold Bangs – A Cool Style For Women With A Long Face


Bold Bangs will return big this season and go right into 2016 and beyond. Whether you have wavy, curly, or straight hair, these flattering fringes never fail to do the trick.

Bangs are full and wide with a soft layer around the edges, which majorly enhances cheekbones. A style like this looks incredible on people having a long face because it covers a good part of the length nicely and makes the face shape visually perfect.

This is how bold bangs make Anushka (featured image credit: and Priyanka (image credit: look real chic.


To achieve this hairdo, show a reference photograph to your hair stylist. Request that he should begin closer to the crown of the head and start by creating a pie-shaped area before proceeding. He probably knows this, but there’s no harm in reminding him.

Experiment clipping on hair barrettes or colored bobby pins to complement your bangs. Fool around by pulling them to the other side, or parting hair down the center — whatever looks good, works.

Spritz some hairspray on your fingers, then comb your fingertips over your bangs to maintain the feathery impact.

Watch this video: Different Hairstyles for Fringe/Bangs



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