Boho Waves — A Buzz HairStyle


Bohemian waves can create a huge buzz. They’re delicate and regular, and yet chaotic and sexy. A decent boho wave is never too wavy, smooth or steady; it’s the flaws of the wave that make the style appealing.

Here’s how you should sport this style:

Shampoo your hair and after shampooing, use a light moisturizing conditioner. Towel-dry your hair by gently pressing the hair ends.

Do not over brush your hair unless it is excessively knotty. When your hair is about 30% dry, apply Almond Oil through its finishes (ends of your hair) to nourish hair and create a shine.

Divide the hair into five flat segments and splash hair spray equitably from the roots to the finishes, from a distance of 20 cm. Repeat on every segment.

Blow dry hair without using a brush. Tilt your head upside down to increase hair volume. Now, run your hands in the lengths, in between drying.

To make the waves, hold arbitrary segments of hair (an inch in thickness). Twist the segment into a C shape — beginning a few inches away from the roots and use straighteners on it for two-three seconds.

Remove straighteners and afterwards twist the hair beneath the other way, like a reversed C, making a S shape. Clamp the straighteners again for two-three seconds. Repeat until you reach the end of the hair. Make different segments and repeat process until you are content with the look.

Leave the finishes for that characteristic hippy chic look.

After your hair cools, run your hands through it and shake.



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