Basic Bridal Makeup Knowledge

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Every bride must look perfect. Too much makeup makes her look cakey, while too little makes her look undercooked for the occasion.

Worse, minor makeup mistakes can wreck an elaborate bridal party.

Of course it’s a given that all to-be-brides will hire a professional makeup artist to deck them up. But how professional is your local salon owner? Is she trained by pros or has she picked up the art by trial and error?

We don’t want you messing up your looks and that’s why we’ve written essential makeup knowledge you must possess. It will help you figure out if your bridal makeup artist is professional or not. Here we go:

i) Makeup must be applied starting from the centre of your face and then it should move outwards. This produces an all natural and dewy look. Downward strokes should be applied to blend in your foundation because such strokes pat it down on your face nicely.


ii) To pick the right foundation shade, match it with the color of your neck (the area just below your face). Testing it on the back of your hand will make you pick a shade that’s two to three shades brighter than your natural skin tone and you will end up looking all ghostly on the day you are supposed to glow. This is because the skin tone on the back of your hand is fairer than its facial counterpart.

iii) If your professional makeup artist is facing trouble in finding a lip liner that exactly matches your lipstick, ask her to pick a nude, natural or hued liner. It blends with your skin tone, accentuates the lipstick’s hue and stops you from making a bad choice.

iv) Natural eyeshadow shades look good on just about everyone, So if you’re in doubt, go for taupe and brown shades. Muted purple tones like plum and mauve and even gray shades can achieve a classy look, but may appear too jazzy on Indian complexions. Choose with care.

v) Tell your makeup pro to pick a slanted brush for applying gel eye liners. It will give her more control and make for precision application.

vi) For a dramatic and fuller eyelash look, ask the pro to wiggle the mascara wand back and forth across the base of the eyelashes.

vii) Trying to pick a natural eyebrow pencil shade? Go for one to two shades lighter than your natural brow color. It will blend in well and not appear too striking or sharp.

viii) Do not skip applying powder on oily skin. Dabbing translucent powder with a fluffy fan brush can absorb excess oil and extend makeup life.

These were the basics all brides should know. Our tips have covered your entire beautiful face.

Now that we’re done with the basics, we’ll move to the advanced bridal makeup tutorials from our next piece on. Stay tuned.



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