Anti Aging Collagen Serum Cream or Gel: Which Works Best

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Gel Serums

Gel based collagen serums contain lesser oils and more water than cream based serums. Gel serums are can be easily absorbed by the skin. Plus, such serums have smaller molecules and therefore have the capability to penetrate deep into the skin.

Such serums work well for people with oily or acne prone, clog-prone and congested skin. The flipside of gel serums is that they can cause skin irritation and dryness.

Gel-based serums are more powerful than cream serums because they can penetrate deeper. There are two types of such serums — alcohol-based and water-based.  Alcohol-based gels are more potent than water-based gels.

Cream Collagen Serums

Cream based collagen serums contain more oil than gel serums and are therefore thicker and have bigger molecules. This is the reason why they cannot penetrate deep into the skin. In fact, creams get absorbed only by the skin’s top layer.

Collagen creams work very well for people with dry or sensitive skin. Cream serums are less irritating, if at all. People with acne-prone skin should avoid cream serums for obvious reasons.

BTW, Here’s How Collagen Serums Work

Both gel and cream collagen serums contain vitamin C and a few antioxidants. The objective of the serum is to remove signs of aging, increase the moisture-retention capabilities of the skin and firm it up.

Manufacturers claim that the skin absorbs the gel and cream and the ingredients of the serum then work by boosting the collagen production. However, in reality, the skin cannot absorb the ingredients easily because its molecules are bigger than the capacity of our skin pores.

That said, regular application of collagen serum does have a positive effect on the skin’s surface.


Two to three drops of collagen serum are usually enough to cover the entire face. These serums, especially gel serums, are lighter than any moisturizer and can be easily and quickly absorbed by the skin.



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