A Few Eye Popping Eye Makeup Secrets & Tips


“Eyes speak louder than words!” No kidding! A pair of gorgeous eyes can melt hearts in the space of just one stare. So, why not adore and pamper your eyes? Here are the secrets from our little black book of makeup.



doe eyed makeupdoeyed

Image credits: https://pixabay.com/p-191081/?no_redirect and www.pinterest.com

In makeup parlance, doe eyes implies eyes that look bigger than they actually are. To get this look, apply a pink-toned, white or beige coloured eyeliner on your waterline. This will create an illusion of bigger eyes.



cat eyed makeupeye makeup

Image credits: https://pixabay.com/p-594348/?no_redirect and beautifulstuffonlinez.com

  1. Curl lashes
  2. Dotting a light layer of eye-shadow primer starting from the lids and ending at the brows.
  3. Pull eyelid up and line its rim with a couple of  dark black pencil coats.
  4. Now, pencil-line the inner rim of your lower lash.
  5. Now line skin just above your upper lash. Use a brush to overlay this line with makeup.
  6. If the upper lash line is not defined, redo step 5.

Great now you have eye definition, just like a cat’s.



party makeup

If you want sexy-n-party eyes that will make men freeze and follow you all around like puppies, use a carbon black mascara. Don’t buy any other shade of black if you want this look.

If you want to sport catwalk eyes during the day, use blue mascara. Blue’s softer than black and works as well when it comes to highlighting your eyes.


  • Remove your eye makeup before you hit the sack.Some mascara types contain plasticizers that can weaken the lashes as you sleep.
  • Before removing eye makeup, loosen it by holding a wet cotton pad over each eye for up to 30 seconds.
  • Do not rub away eye makeup because that can damage the skin and cause aging marks around the eye area. Remember that the skin in that area is super delicate.
  • Stop ignoring your eyebrows. Well groomed brows can enhance your look manyfold. Try for different brow shapes and see which one looks more fierce and accentuates your looks.


One of the best places to get inspiration for eye makeup is not Google — it’s Pinterest! Awesome looks along with tutorials will help you plan your look.

Another source that you can try is tumblr. Choose from many different looks and give it a shot.

At the end of all, you are your own masters! Follow your gut and experiment with different styles and looks!



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