8 Easy Nail Art Design Tips

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Nail polish makes your nails stand out and also accentuates your femininity. Nail art designs, on the other hand, can make you look super cool, hot, grungy, sophisticated, classy, elegant, fun-loving, etc., depending on the effect you have created.

And no, you don’t have to visit a salon and blow big bucks on a nail art job — you can do it at home.

Here are our tips that will help you create cool nail art designs:

  1. Cover your nails with a net or a loofah side and then paint on the nail polish. Your nails will acquire a super grungy look. Use darker shades for Halloween parties and disco nights.


2.  Mix eyeshadow with a top coat to create cool matte nail lacquer at home.


  1. Dip a bobby pin’s head into a colour of your choice and apply on your nails to create a summery polka dot pattern.

  1. To create a 2- or 3-colour nail art. Apply tape on a portion of your nails. Colour the uncovered part and then fill in the rest if you want a 2-color nail art. To apply 3 or more colours, you will have to use the tape again. Our suggestion is to stick to 2 colours to create a cool effect. You can cover the area depending on the look you want (perpendicular, diagonal, horizontal, etc.).

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  1. To create colour splashes, cover your fingers with tape (don’t cover the nails) after applying your regular nail paint. Now pick up different colours using a straw that aimed at your nails. Blow to create a splatter.


  1. Apply the top coat and immediately after that, place a feather on your nail (when the polish is wet) and press it flat into the nail. Do this for all the nails. This will get you a funky spatter effect.

    If you want to build the feather into your nails, cut off the excess feather and apply another top coat to seal the feather. Allow it to dry before moving on to the next nail. The feather on your nails should freak your friends out! 


  1. If you want studded nail art, apply 2 vertical lines of studs on wet paint and allow it to dry. Your nails will look studded and super chic.

    Image Credit: www.couponraja.in
  1. If you want a smudged look on nails, organise 3 shades of matching nail polish. After applying the topcoat using one colour, start daubing the other colours on your nails in any random fashion. Result: you’ll get a cool 3 coloured-smudged nails!

Use these tips as a guide and go right ahead, get creative to create a variety of shapes.

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