10 Basic Makeup Tips Every Woman Must Know

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Even minor makeup mistakes can wreck your look. The art of applying makeup is evolving, ever since 6000 years.

We don’t want you to go about messing up your looks and that is why we’ve written this essential makeup knowledge you must possess:

i) Always apply makeup starting from the centre of your face and then move outwards. This produces an all-natural and dewy look. Use downward strokes to blend in your foundation because that will make it down on your face nicely. For an airbrushed look, use a Blendaball to apply foundation.

ii) To pick the right foundation shade, match it with the color of your neck (just below the jawline). DO NOT test it on the back of your hand or on your wrist like most women do. If the foundation literally disappears into your skin without being noticeable, and applies evenly, it is the right shade.

iii) Having trouble finding a lip liner that exactly matches your lipstick? Pick a nude, natural or hued liner. Such liners blend with your skin tone, accentuate the lipstick’s hue and stop you from making a bad choice.

iv) Natural eye shadow shades look good on just about everyone, So when in doubt, go for taupe and brown shades. If you want a classy look, choose muted purple tones like plum and mauve or even gray shades.

v) Pick a brush with a slant for applying gel eye liners. It gives you more control and makes for precision application.

vi) For a dramatic and fuller eyelash look, wiggle the mascara wand back and forth across the eyelashes’ base.

vii) Trying to pick a natural eyebrow pencil shade? Go for one to two shades lighter than your natural brow color. It will blend in well and not appear too striking or sharp.

viii) Do not skip applying powder on oily areas. Dabbing translucent powder with a fluffy fan brush can absorb excess oil and extend makeup life.

ix) Many women apply concealer or foundation on their eyelids as a base. DON’T DO THAT because such application causes creases when you apply eye makeup.

x) Your lipstick must spread to the inner corners of your mouth and it must not be thick or defined at the cupid’s bow (the top line of your upper lip). If you’re using a matte lipstick, press it down hard during application.


Nothing comes free, least of all makeup! American women spend about $13,000 on makeup on an average every year and around 330 hours applying it.

They also invest a whole nine years of their life on shopping, but that’s a different story.



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