The Ugly Side of Kapil Sharma

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Kapil Sharma, a small time struggler from Amritsar, appeared suddenly on the scene, made waves, created a massive buzz and was catapulted to fame. His Comedy Nights show has made him a name to reckon with and perhaps a rare TV star who can afford to sport a Bollywood star aura.

His only Bollywood flick, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, also was declared a hit despite being a moronic caper with front-bencher appeal.

But people are asking: Has success gone to Kapil’s head? Has he gotten drunk on fame?

Recent incidents point in this direction.

Here are a few bad and ugly incidents that provide sufficient circumstantial evidence that Kapil’s ego and attitude are ballooning out of proportion:

The Kapil Sharma-Deepali Sayyad Incident

After quaffing down a few pegs at the International Marathi Film Festival 2015, Kapil’s senses left him and his bestiality showed up. He asked Deepali to dance with him, she refused. Kapil thought she may be interested in something else, so he asked her for sexual favours. Deepali refused again.

That bugged Kapil no end and he started misbehaving with other female guests such as Bollywood wannabes — Kajol’s sister Tanishaa Mukherji and Monali Thakur.

Ultimately, he had to be controlled by other men and this incident was an eye-opener for many who considered Kapil as a decent guy.

Later, Kapil tweeted in repentance: “I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn, I’ve been hurt but I am alive.i am human, I am not perfect but I am thankful.”

Singer Mika too confirmed the incident by replying to Kapil’s tweet: “It’s ok I can understand..But pls next time don’t repeat your mistakes ok. Chalo is bar maf kardiya.”

The Kapil v/s KRK Twitter War

Remember KRK, the non-actor, factory owner who produced a flick because no one would cast him? Well, he engaged in a bitter war with Kapil.

The occasion was Yash Raj Films offering a 3 film contract to Kapil Sharma. News came in that Nargis Fakhri was to be signed on opposite Kapil.

Then shit hit the fan when KRK tweeted: “SMS of Nargis – I was shocked to hear offer of YRF to do film with comedian Kapil Sharma. I think they forgot that I was launched with Ranbir.”

and later:

“Ppl pls don’t mind his tweet coz he always become tiger after drinking. Nasha Utarne Ke Baad Fir Chuhaa Ban Jaata Hai.”

The first tweet enraged Kapil, who responded: “@kamaalrkhan call me… If u have guts… I will show u… How to deal with a punjabi guy.”

and much later

“this is my last tweet to you… agar famous hona hai toh apne dum pe kuch kar… Dont use my name… Thappad bahut bhaari hai mera.”

Though KRK’s tweet was inflammatory, Kapil’s response displayed his anger, ego, aggressiveness and brawling mentality.

Later, KRK claimed that Kapil made threatening calls to him. Kapil deleted his tweets, but KRK’s should still be available for all those interested.

The matter was patched up and buried.

The Yash Raj Film Contract Cancellation

If insider accounts posted on websites are anything to go by, here are the reasons why YRF cancelled their contract with Kapil:

  1. The Twitter spat Kapil engaged in with KRK.
  2. Kapil was unprofessional. On being offered a role, he asked his TV channel to cut down his show’s frequency to once every week. The channel responded that they would create another comedy show without Kapil. This put Kapil in a fix and after almost verbally committing to YRF, he refused their film (Bank Chor) because he figured that the comedy show would eventually win him more popularity. YRF’s film was delayed in the bargain.
  3. YRF folks found that Kapil was full of attitude and hot air.

SRK over Salman, Taking It Personally

Show biz is all about business, it’s not about taking things personally. Only egoistic idiots take things personally, and that is what Kapil did when Salman chose to promote his film, Hero, on Comedy Nights Bachao instead of on Kapil’s show.

Kapil took this as a personal insult and decided to root for Shah Rukh Khan, giving Salman the royal ignore. His overdone Dilwale promos further prove this angle.

Tax Evasion

Way back in 2013, Kapil was booked by Service Tax officers for collecting service tax from his employers and not paying/concealing it. He was made to cough up 60 lakhs.

The Celebrity Cricket League Fiasco

After agreeing to pay Kapil a whopping 1.25 crore fee, the CCL guys expected a knockout performance from him.

To their horror, Kapil and his staff threw tantrums all along and Kapil walked out of the event on the first day.

“Chakaa” lag gaya organizers ko.

Summing Up

Kapil’s run ins with Sunil Grover (Guthi) and Ajaz are all well known. That Kapil’s ego and hot air has ballooned is also known, at least in the industry.

The most alarming thing is that though his TRPs are holding, his jokes have started getting repetitive. He may recover from all the ugly things he has been involved in, but if you keep dishing out similar stuff to your audience, they will puke you out one day.



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