The Wearisome Fashion and Stiff Style of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

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Has Salman Khan’s and Sonam Kapoor’s PRDP (sounds like a trouser ripping apart, no?) brought back ethnic fashion with a bang?

That’s like asking whether your swimming skills have taught you how to cry underwater.

The fashion and style of PRDP just does not have the substance to start a fad.

Sonam, who is well-known for her fashion, pout, and height, and lesser for her acting abilities, plays a princess.

The bad news is that she worked with stylists and designers to put together PRDP’s  royal and graceful look.

Sooraj Bharjatiya should have smelt a rat then. Because when she did the same for Aisha, the movie writhed, flapped and died like a fish without water. I guess she’s repeated her black magic in PRDP.

Anyway, we’ve performed a post-mortem, and here is the:

The Wearisome Fashion and Style of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo


Lemon-colored blouse draped with a pastel-lime green saree-lehenga saree combo may add to the elegance of the Princess Sonam, but the heck is that you don’t wear stiff formals when you’re shaking your booty like a dabangg.

Salman sports a henna green sherwani. It would have been disaster if the couple swapped their dresses.



magenta_cream_dress_salmanMagenta-Cream, Brown-cream contrasting outfits are worn by Sallu and the babe on his left. Notice the kilos of traditional jewellery on each neck and the gold embroidery on the outfits.

Sallu Bhai in a patriot-like Pagri looks pure, and absolutely not someone who has violated blackbucks in the past.

Swara Bhaskar in a Pink-Orange dress looks down on the ground because her role in the movie has bitten the dust.




Sonam in a heavy white and red costume apparently tries to ape Govinda’s pelvic thrusts.

Man, if you’re gonna dance like a banshee with a heavy costume and jewellery on, you’ll melt like an iceberg would if it was relocated to Juhu Beach, Mumbai.


The movie’s overdone with brightly-coloured lehenga-choli’s and ornate sarees floating all around the place. Hey, India is not a rich country where people can afford such designer threads. Remember, our rurals are pajama-nara geographies.


Sonam seems hilariously happy in a Pink-Orange embellished Lehenga, with Sallu pulling her choti. Actually Sooraj Bharjatiya asked Sallu to pull her choli, but Mr Wanted heard it as choti.
Salman treats Sonam like a medieval writing pad. Anyway, note Sonam’s chic lilac colored saree. Guess what Sallu wrote on her back: A for Apple, B for ball, and so on.









Vibrant and colourful Lehenga-Cholis and Sarees are exquisite outfits that blend royalty with medieval times. Note that the designer has made Neil Mukesh wears the same colours as the women.
Sallu dances to the tune of an orthodox song. And no, in this song, he will not hold the scarf between his legs like he did in the hit number: Jeene Ke Hain Char Din from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.










Salman Khan may have loved to push his naked chest and navel into the audience’s nose but Sooraj Barjatiya strait-jacketed him in Kurta-Pajamas, Sherwani-Dhotis and exotic Indian headgear. All weighing one tonne each — yeah, they acted like a leash.

Prince Salman dons over 15 outfits while his pauper counterpart dolls up in simple Kurtas, fateechar shirts and pajamas.

Predominant colour trends that this movie has highlighted are: turquoise green, white, red, aquamarine, tangerine and pastel colors. Your friendly neighborhood beauty parlor auntyji would have decked you in something better.



The jewellery is medieval, ethnic, royal and very, very heavy. Check Sonam Kapoor in the 20-something kilo necklace. Salman Khan also sports Silver Kaju Bali Hoop Earrings.


Wear this stuff regularly for more than one hour every day for a month will likely cause large neck cysts, cervical spondylosis, cervical disc hernia, and other unmentionable diseases.




Sonam Kapoor looks stunning in overdone red lipstick. Prince Salman wears a Teeka most of the time to convey he’s a good, God-fearing samaritan — and not someone who runs his vehicle over people.





Another ingredient of the classic recipe served by PRDP is the Moustache. Salman’s moustache has always been liked be it in Dabbang, Kick or his upcoming movie Sultan. His quaint look with handlebar, Bihari moustache is being well-admired by his fans.


The Marwari opulence shown in PRDP is based on the producer’s memories from childhood. It was a nice childhood — attending grand functions and wedding ceremonies all the time. Sigh.

The kind of clothes worn by Sallu and Sonam in PRDP are tedious. By the time you can get into Sallu’s banded collar, besom pocketed, tailless suit made of 20 micron wool, polyester and Italian cotton, you could easily construct a mini pyramid.

The lesser said about Sonam’s ultra chic but heavy and elaborate clothes, the better.

Summing up, the fashion of PRDP is like the movie — too long, heavy and tedious.

The movie’s already grossed 100-cr but what do you expect to earn when most of the auditoriums in almost all multiplexes do not give movie goers a choice.



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