Samsung Foldable Smartphone: Arriving January 2016

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Rumours, and this NDTV article, say that Samsung is all set to launch a revolutionary phone in January 2016.

The phone is so advanced that it folds into two but still doesn’t break. Guess an apple a day smartened up Samsung, huh.

The sources say that the phone is made using a new, sophisticated plastic that can bend or fold without breaking.

Maybe this is the thermoplastic that was invented in 2011. maybe it’s been commercialized now. Read this page for more information.

The phone’s going to cost a bomb in India and if you can afford it, you will have the pleasure of folding it like you would a small paper notebook.

Samsung’s gone all creative suddenly, after having invented the “phablet,” which is what you get when you cross a phone with a tablet. Phablets measure between 5.5” and 6.99” diagonally and you’re probably using one right now.

This foldable phone will be released in 2 avatars — a lesser avatar powered by a Snapdragon 620 and the main powerful avatar, which should contain a ferocious Snapdragon 820 processor.

The joke is that some folks in developed nations are so sick and overwhelmed by so-much-technology-in-so-little-time that they are pining for phones with minimalist functionalities, while we folks are running behind phones that may distract our productivity.
To each his own wrong number.



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