Jeans Fit Guide For Men and Women

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To understand what type of Jeans works best for your body, you first need to learn the basic terminology:

Jeans Terminology

A. Fits: How tight the jeans are


Slim Fit Jeans hug your butt and thighs;


Regular Fits represent the regular jeans most folks wear;


Comfort/Relaxed Fits kind have more cloth and sit loose;


Skinny Jeans have a skinny leg from hip to ankle;


Boyfriend Fit Jeans are casual, loose and shapeless and usually worn low. They end about 4-6 inches above the ankle.


B. Cuts: The actual shape or length of the of the jeans legs


Straight Cuts (same width from knee to ankle) 


Bootcut (like straight cuts but with a small flare) 


Drainpipes/Narrow Bottoms (jeans hug the ankle) 


Flared Cut (Pronounced flare starts at the knee and climaxes at the ankle) 


Capris — also called 3/4th Jeans, they end just below the knee 


C. Rise: The measurement between the top of the waistband and the bottom of the crotch seam.


Low Rise: smallest measurement between waist and crotch, jeans sit below belly button and fit tight;


Medium Rise: space increases between crotch and waist, slightly more comfortable than the Low Rise;


High Waisted: Lots of space between crotch and waist, fits nice and loose and perfect for people with tummy flab.


D. Washes: Different washes are applied to impart a look and attitude to the jeans.


Acid Wash: Jeans are bleached. Before bleach-washing, different areas on jeans may be twisted into shapes to make for a funky look;


Dirty Wash: Everything is thrown at the jeans during the wash — bleach, dyes, you name it. Objective being to make you look like all dirty like a rock star;


Stone Wash: Jeans are washed in chemicals to make them appear worn out;


Vintage Wash: Jeans are tortured during the wash to make them appear as used and old;


Raw Denim: Dyed and unwashed jeans that fade naturally.


How Brands Size Jeans

Different brands follow different sizing parameters and hence there is no such thing as uniform sizing. There’s a gamble to this — if a person finds that a pair of jeans fit him nicely, he will not switch to another brand because that brand may not fit him nicely because of the fact there’s no uniform sizing system. This is a hit-or-miss technique adopted by many brands to attract loyalty.

Therefore, if you want to buy a different brand, you should try it on before making the purchase.


Jeans Fit Guide For Men



Body Shape/    Build/Height          Recommended Jeans
Inverted Triangle Body shape Boot-cut or small flares, because they nicely balance out the hips
The best colour for this body shape is the light and pale colour. Whiskering, or thin fading lines at the top,  make hips appear wider and balance out the figure
Cuffs can also shift focus downwards and draw thereby balance the look. Darker denims should be avoided because these make legs look slimmer and enhance the appearance of the already broad shoulders.
Wide Leg jeans create balance. Skinny Jeans with a tapered top half also work well.
Straight or relaxed slim cuts, nicely balance the body’s proportions
The Triangle Choose indigo and black denim jeans as these make the bottom half appear thinner, balancing out a bottom heavy frame.
Small flares are a good option because they can help hide large thighs and even out larger hips.
Don’t buy light-coloured or washed-look jeans. If at all, choose jeans with a little fading below the knee. Just do not draw attention to your hips.
Darker blues, greys, blacks and browns should be the colours choose.
The Rectangle Skinny Jeans, especially if you are thin, because such jeans make legs and bottom halves appear slimmer and thereby emphasize the top half.
If you don’t prefer skinny jeans, go for comfort fits with a narrow leg.  Such jeans have all the space but just like the skinny jeans, these taper in at the ankle, nicely balancing out the figure.
Straight leg jeans should work the best, because they add detail around the hip area, making you stand out.
If slim leg jeans are not preferred, work with wide leg jeans but do not choose flares or bootcuts.
Darker denims enhance the rectangular figure, while lighter shades impart a ‘lanky’ look.
The Oval/heavy-set body Low rise jeans because they sit on the hips and not on the waist, thereby decreasing the waist-to-crotch distance. This feature makes the midsection appear smaller, giving off the illusion of a long and slim body.
Medium- rise jeans too work as good as low rise jeans.
Wide leg jeans with larger pockets make the bottom look smaller. They also hide lumps.
Avoid Boot cut and straight leg jeans because their flares makes the wearer look bigger than he actually is.
Avoid button up jeans as they add bulk to the stomach. Avoid low rise jeans too because they fit tightly and can cause discomfort.
Relaxed straight jeans sit comfortably under the belly and make the torso look longer and flat.
High Waisted Rise tucks in the thighs and buttocks, and flattens the stomach. Heavy set men should choose high waisted jeans to visually elongate their legs  
Heavier men can choose Medium Rise because it makes them look slim

Plus Size folks can opt for Straight Cuts because such jeans compliment their figure (skinny jeans make them look weird)

(folks with heavy upper body and waist, and small legs –shorter and rounder body types) should choose Comfort/Relaxed Fits to balance out their look and take the focus away from their roundness
Stocky Stocky tall guys or above-average-height can opt for Relaxed fit jeans as they have enough space for the legs to move and stay comfortable. Choose such jeans with larger back pockets.
Bootcuts and Flares work well for stocky buys because they fill out the silhouette and balance the body without without looking baggy.
Straight leg jeans work great for short and stocky men with average builds. Such jeans are not too tight, nor too baggy.
Short and stocky guys should avoid baggy or relaxed jeans because these look awkward on stocky guys
Short and stocky men should wear Narrow/DrainPipes/Skinny Jeans  because such jeans make their legs look longer.
Slimmer fits also work good because they tend to visually elongate the body

Stocky Men with a Short Upper Half should opt for a low rise because it visually elongates the torso

Choose low-rise boot-cut or straight-leg pants if you have a short torso
Slender men Thin folks can choose a straight-leg, low-rise fit because it sits comfortably on the hips and has adequate legroom.
Straight leg or Bootcuts with small flares also work well. Slender men should steer clear of tapered trousers or skinny jeans
Choose pants with a classic cut and a flat front.
Pockets add volume to shape, as do cuffs.
Slim Fit Jeans work well too because they are comfortable
Athletic Build Straight cuts work well because they sit straight on the waist and fit comfortably at the thigh and leg and flatters their shape below the belt
Relaxed fits  are comfortable and have ample space to accommodate muscular thighs
Boot cut looks great for the averagely-built athlete.
Tapered slim fit jeans also look classy

A low rise highlights their body shape and turns them into eye candy

Skinny jeans show off their rippling thighs, solid butt and meaty calves. These jeans also nicely disguise the waist flab of slightly plump folks.
Average Joes (average height and build) can opt for stretch Slim Fits because the jeans will feel comfortable  and look simple and good
Tall Taller guys should pick medium rise straight-leg cuts to ensure their body appears nicely proportioned
Bootcuts look groovy too, because their enlarged hem balances out a tall frame.
Cuffed jeans, because they create the illusion of a slightly shorter leg

Tall and Slender folks should work with low rise  jeans to balance out their figure

Narrow/DrainPipes /Skinny Jeans look good on very thin and tall men because such jeans gives them a balanced and trendy look

Straight Cuts too highlight their legs without adding height to their appearance





Body Shape/Build/Height  Recommended Jeans
Women with an Inverted Triangle Body shape 1.Boyfriend and baggy jeans will look great because it adds volume to their lower body (making their hips appear broader).
2. They should wear flares because it draws attention away from their broad shoulders.
Lean-Column Shaped 1.Lean and Leggy women should wear slim fits with voluminous tops to add balance.
2.Boot cut jeans with embroidered pockets also help give the appearance of fuller curves
3.The Column is the one shape that looks absolutely great in the “Boyfriend look“.
4.Cropped trousers, shorts and capri pants are great to break up and show off those long Column legs.
5.Skinny jeans, straight legged, flared, high waisted, low waisted, pleated, you name it — any style looks cool on a perfectly balanced Column figure.
Rectangle Shaped 1.Women with Straight (rectangular) figures should choose higher waist slim fit jeans to make them appear curvier
Skinny Jeans work well because it helps create the illusion of curvy hips
Low Rises look good too  – Rectangular women can chose this rise  to lend definition to their waistline
Rectangular shaped women also look good with Cuffed boyfriend jeans worn on casual social events
Tall and rectangle-shaped women can also sport ankle pants or cropped pants
Slightly flared trousers look great as these add more shape to your body. Choose low to mid waisted flares.  If you want a relaxed fit, choose a flare that lifts your butt.
Low rise jeans with a high back and low front are a good choice if you are short waisted
Lighter washes or fades along the legs and knees add shape to thighs
Apple Shaped Wear high waist skinny jeans to hide unwanted flab. Such jeans smoothen the silhouette into a more flattering shape.
Straight Cut, because it shows off their assets, without making their middle look heavy
Boot Cuts to create a balanced look
High Waisted, because it visually elongates their legs and highlights their slim features
Lighter denims work best on this body type because they draw the eye to the lower half and help balance the body
Jeans with fading or detailing below the knee also look good for the same reason
Buy jeans with zip fasteners and stay away from button up jeans.
Medium Rise because it makes their legs appear lengthier
Pear Shaped Comfort/Relaxed Fits, because such jeans offer extra room on the hips and thighs and nicely balance out figure
Straight Cut, to keep their legs looking lean and body nicely balanced
Boot Cuts to convey a long and lean look. The gentle widening of the boot cut below the knee balances heavier hips and thighs
Medium Rise jeans, because such jeans elongate their legs
High Waisted jeans make the hips look smaller and the tummy look flatter
Boyfriend Cuts also nicely balance out their figure
Straight leg jeans with higher heels visually lengthens height and reduces the hip area
Neat Hourglass Body Shape Slim fits because the jeans hugs their curves and looks like a part of their body
Skinny jeans because the jeans really flaunt their curves.
Low rises help balance their proportions especially of those who are short waisted.
Stretch denim works best because it hugs curves
Embellishments and details such as contrasting washes look great on this figure
Look for a cut with larger hip and smaller waist to avoid an opening at the back.
Skinny jeans are ok, but straight legs are better. Look for jeans that run straight from the hips to the knees, with a flare at the end of the legs, e.g., boot cut.
Full Hourglass Body Shape The Bootcut’s flare adds balance to curvy hips and thighs and makes the legs look slender.
Flares, because such jeans maximizes their curves
Stretch denim works best because it hugs curves and gives a smooth fit at the waistline and hips
Look for a cut with larger hip and smaller waist to avoid an opening at the back.
If you have heavy thighs opt for dark coloured jeans. Darker jeans can make you look slimmer.
Mid-rise jeans are the way to go, especially for those who are carrying some extra flab on the tummy, but low-rise jeans work great if the tummy is flat.
Those who are lucky enough to have curves in all the right places look stunning in boot-cut or flared jeans. Also a wide leg will work if you are tall and not too fully figured.
Curvy Slim Fit Jeans because such jeans flatter the curves
High Waisted, because it accentuates and flatters their shapely hips.
Skinnies or Straight Legs, because such fit make them look fluid and comfortable.
Plus Size Women Comfort/Relaxed Fits, so that they are comfortable all times

Dark-denim mid-rise boyfriend cuts, because it smoothens their frame appears stylish

Dark wash Skinny Jeans can help them appear slimmer. Rich blues and blacks are chic and slimming, and darker denim looks good in day or night.
Stretch fabrics help them move comfortably and look shapely
To elongate legs, look for dark, bootcut, or flared jeans with slit pockets, or without any pockets at all.  Wear heels too.
To flatten the tummy, steer clear of low-rise; stick to only mid or high-rise jeans.
To minimize larger thighs, look for tight fitted jeans with a flared or boot-cut leg. Also, opt for darker jeans. Don’t buy jeans that are fading on the thighs because it works as a spotlight on your problem areas.
To make the butt look smaller, try body-hugging dark boot cut jeans with extra-large pockets. Avoid flaps or any detail that adds volume to your butt.
To enlarge a flat butt, buy a sit with smaller, detailed pockets that sit higher on the seat; these makes your bottom look rounder.
Women with bell shaped figures also can work with a low rise because the jeans adds length to their torso and balances their figure out nicely
Tall Women Tall and thin women can opt for a skinny fit because the jeans can create the illusion of killer curves.
Tall women with curvy thighs and wide hips can choose stretch Skinny jeans to keep everything in place without getting choked.

Tall women-look ultra casual and zippy in a Boyfriend Cut

Capris, because it visually shortens their height
Tall and rectangular-shaped women can choose skinny, straight or slim boot cut jeans that hug their body and give off the illusion of curves.
Tall women with an apple shaped body can work with boot cuts or wide leg trousers to balance out their top and bottom. They also can wear skinny jeans so long these are paired with loose tops or tunics. They should remember not to attention to their middle.
Tall and pear-shaped women can work with dark bootcuts to balance their figure out.
Tall women with an hourglass figure can choose a higher waist with back pockets with little or no detailing.
Tall and slender women should opt for Skinny jeans because they look amazing on long and slender legs. Regular boot cuts look good too.
Boyish figure Skinny Jeans because it adds curves to their hips, butt and thighs
Medium Rise, because mid to lower rise jeans create the illusion of a smaller waist by shifting focus to the hips.
Wide or flared leg jeans can visually add curves to your body.
Low rise jeans with accessories also add width to your hips.
Jeans with fading effects on thighs and butt add shape.
Athletic-shaped women can wear Flares because it neatly balances their boyish silhouette and creates the illusion of a curvier figure.
Slender women Skinny Jeans — Low Rise Skinny Jeans look fabulous on slender women with flat stomachs
Slim and Slender women look uber casual with a loose boyfriend fit
Petite women Can choose a straight cut with mid-rise to create the illusion of longer legs
Short and lean women should choose High Waisted jeans because it visually elongates their legs.
Short women also look good with knee-length capris because these jeans make them appear taller
Women with Shorter legs also benefit from wearing Flares because they add length to short legs.
Skinny Jeans because such jeans make their legs appear longer
Straight-leg styles in darker colors also makes them appear taller
To minimize curves, they choose a wide-leg trouser cut that is straight from the hips
Thick thigh-ed women Darker straight cuts, to make their thighs appear slimmer
Dark Washes, to balance out thunder thighs – and make them appear slim
Boyfriend jeans also have enough room for those generous thighs
Flares also balance a bottom-heavy figure, because they create a contrast between thighs and lower legs
Straight leg, narrow fits and boot-cuts (all in dark colours) work for slightly bigger thighs
Mid rise jeans work the best.
Bootcuts jeans minimize hips and make the legs look longer.
Short torso-ed Low Rise jeans, especially cuffed pants, because it makes their torso appear longer
Straight, flared or tapered legs create an inverted triangle look. Distressed jeans draw attention downward.
Long torso-ed Medium Rise, because it makes their natural waist appear higher, which evens out their figure.
Dark blue or black coloured jeans camouflage the long torso and elongate the legs
To balance the top and lower halves, wear bright or floral-print tops and tuck it into your jeans
Big butted High Waisted, because the extra fabric all over makes their butts look smaller
Jeans that have plain, large pockets on the bottom. Do not wear jeans with elaborate or detailed pockets on the butt because such pockets draw attention
Big tummy-ied High waisted jeans, because they cover your tummy and prevent your top from looking all lumped up
Look for jeans that have simple pockets and a zip fly at the front.
Stretch fabric, because it pulls you in and smoothens your silhouette.
Bootcuts or slightly flared jeans, because they balance out the figure.
Tummy tuck jeans, for obvious reasons.





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