How Indian Democracy is Being Screwed By Politicians

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Indian Politicians term our system of governance a live, throbbing and vibrant democracy.

That’s the biggest piece of bullshit all Indians fall for.

Democracy on its own is a flawed model of governance and Indian politicians are not helping the cause by altering the concept for the worse and veering it towards mobocracy.

Here’s why democracy will one day fail in India mainly because our politicians are so inclined to destroy it:

  1. Democracy treats all votes as equal — a crook’s vote is equal to that of a lawful citizen; a taxpayer’s vote carries the same weight as that of a person who cheats on taxes; an illiterate’s vote is equivalent to that of an intelligent person’s, and so on.

    Politicians should actually address this issue because, seriously, many people in India cannot make a rational decision especially when it comes to voting people to power.

    Instead of addressing this issue, Indian politicians encourage illegal occupation of land and even arrange ration cards and water for those who occupy lands illegally — the only condition being is that these people should vote for the politician who accommodated them; They create class and caste divides and encourage people to vote on communal lines, which is a very dangerous trend that may one day push us into a needless and bloody civil war; Quotas are created to appease one section of the society, alienating others; and so on.

  2. Candidates in a democracy say what people want to hear, without meaning what they say. This is one reason why every poll manifesto is full of broken promises.

    Every candidate plays on people’s emotions and uses money and perhaps muscle while campaigning. Elections are not won on the basis of education, experience, skills, and academics, they are won on the basis of popularity, bribes and muscle power.

    Some folks contest an election in India include the uneducated Bahubalis (Rural Dons) and criminals. Do you know that out here criminals can fight elections even when they are jailed — so long they are not convicted. All that a criminal candidate has to do is declare the number of cases pending against him.

    Do you know that close to 40 per cent of Lok Sabha candidates belonging to the leading political parties in face criminal charges that range from assault, extortion, rioting, attempt to murder and defamation?

    That’s food for thought and it’s pure poison for democracy.


  3. Corruption is embedded inside every democracy and when it comes to India, corruption oozes out of every Indian orifice. Though corruption can be fixed by dismissing and trying the corrupt, our Indian system suspends the corrupt (till the matter cools down and then reinstates him once people have forgotten about the episode) or tries him in court (knowing well that the Indian Justice System moves at a snail’s pace and it will take up to a decade or more for justice to be delivered).

    People who are optimistic about India’s vibrant democracy should perish the thought. That’s because corruption in India flows from the top and actually motivates people at the the bottom rung to become corrupt.

    The message is clear — you can get away if you are corrupt.

    How can a country go on like this? And how long will it take for a revolution to break out?

  4. Quotas and entitlements. Does that sound familiar? Maybe this does — OBC, Scs, STs, Creamy Layer, separate representation and job reservation for Dalits, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Anglo Indians — the list of entitlements and castes/sectors can just go on and on like a giant centipede.

    The ticking bomb is this — that no politician can afford to displease any section by removing quota entitlements, and the number of sections demanding quotas is increasing by the day. If such political aiding and abetting continues, our democracy, which is anyway fragile, will implode.

  5. We are slowly shifting towards a mobocracy in which the majority rules over and even bullies the minority. Take a look around you — it’s right winger Hindus versus the Dalits, Muslims; it’s one college students’ group vesus another, one political mob versus another, as powerful media houses take sides and focus on the negatives, thereby destroying the Indian psyche.


  6. Have you seen any Indian state or central government that is accountable to the people? Zero, Nada. No one is accountable and no one apologizes and good things happen only when the courts step in. But what good is that, our justice system takes years to reach a conclusion. The only thing people can do is vote out the politician in the next election, but by that time he would have built in enough money and muscle power. Sigh.

  7. Look at the number of political parties that are in existence. 6 National, 36 state, 329 regional and 12 upcoming. That’s 371 political parties in a country where there should be no more than 5.

    Political parties are formed at the drop of a hat and they go on to divide people along caste, income, religion, etc., lines. This is an extremely unhealthy trend and the SC should step in put an end to this nonsense. Till that Utopian day arrives, these political parties will continue to jack our democracy or whatever is left of it.

These, in my opinion, are the main reasons why democracy in India is doomed to fail. And the failure’s being set up by our politicians.

We need better and we need to choose the best, but as they say, the best aren’t there to choose.



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