Good and Bad Of A Younger Man Marrying an Older Woman

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Thanks, Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar for giving us some meat to chew on.

Farhan is 6 years younger to Adhuna. He’s 42, she’s 48. They married 15 years ago and have 2 children.

After 15 years, they feel they are growing apart and therefore, need to split.

That’s their personal choice, but we out here have considered it prudent to discuss the pros and cons of a young man marrying an older woman.

Let’s start.

Every woman desires a man who is ambitious, aware of her and her needs, and handsome. Men desire women who are realistic, confident, good looking, shapely and mature enough.

When men marry a woman who’s younger than them, neither side’s expectations are 100% fulfilled. Most of these couples, even though they may love each other, sacrifice and compromise to keep the marriage going. Happiness is restricted.

But, marrying an older women does fulfill the desired conditions of both parties to a great extent. But such marriages come with their own pros and cons, and these are:

Advantages of Marrying an Older Woman

  1. Older woman are mature. They won’t behave like an air-headed Alia Bhatt — they’ll act more like Vidya Balan. No whining, screeching or showing an interest in dumb stuff.

  2. Such women understand men better and are sexually more aware. They know what makes him come, what makes him go, and what turns him wild. They press the right buttons and are experienced in bed unlike the young babes who whine or cry or inject a touch of pseudo-ness during love making.
  3. They are smarter than their partners. They watch flicks that their younger counterparts would find boring. They get turned on by the sensibilities of movies like Titli; the young ones may clap and giggle hysterically at the likes of Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 while spilling popcorn and cola on your lap.
  4. She’s experienced and knows the ways of the world. She can see through people and help her man avoid people that could prove bad for him or for their relationship. She can even help him cut down on any bad habit that has the potential to curtail his longevity.
  5. Older women are financially independent and they won’t harass you for money. Younger ones may. They won’t bother if their man is financially strained because it is love and companionship they are mostly after.
  6. Such women display genuine emotions and really care about their man’s health.
  7. They are very dignified, trustworthy and act in a way that conforms to basic societal norms. They will not go overboard and put their man in a tight spot.


Disadvantages of Marrying an Older Woman

  1. Hey, you are in India. What does your mum have to say?
  2. If she’s marrying you for a sexual contest or because she’s a control freak, you will see hell in glorious red.
  3. She may be carrying baggage — kids from another marriage, friends you cannot relate to, ex-boyfriends that make you jealous, yada, yada.
  4. Younger men are mostly out to have fun. You know what I mean. That is a relationship breaker.
  5. Want kids? What’s the time left before her biological clock’s batteries run out?
  6. She may expect you to step it up in bed and become disappointed if you don’t know the moves.
  7. Is she on medication? If so, which medical conditions is she suffering from?
  8. If she’s marrying because she feels lonely, and not for love, the marriage won’t last.

To Sum Up

India is a conservative country and marrying an older woman is considered taboo by most Indians. But thankfully, that view is changing. Many urban men have opened up to the idea of starting a relationship and settling down with an older woman.

Ultimately the longevity of such a union will depend on compatibility. The great news is that the chances of a young man being compatible with an older woman are higher than him being compatible and happy with a younger woman.

A younger man is ambitious and dashing. An older woman is caring and smart. So long it’s for love and not like marrying mommy or grandma, it can be the perfect cocktail. Cheers.

Now about the Farhan-Adhuna split.. O forget about it yaar, it’ll soon be history…



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