Does India Give A Shit About Its Brave Indian Soldiers?

Does India Give A Shit About Its Brave Indian Soldiers? 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

How The Government Loves and Cares For Indian Soldiers

Every since independence, all political parties have developed a crazy sort of love for our warriors, the Indian soldiers. Our Army trains them to be 100% physically and mentally tough and agile enough to take on any challenge and all governments know that.

Every politician wants to care and nurture our soldiers, and here is how they do it:


To begin with, governments appoint a Defence Minister and Secretaries who know a rat’s arse about defence. These inexperienced honchos may have come from a diametrically different environment. Hell man, he could have been a government coal contractor before joining politics for all you know.

But that’s the fun part — the government knows an inexperienced CEO will not fully understand what the Army tells him and will likely take the hilarious decisions that will keep our soldiers in a good mood. Heck, we’re not like that poopy nation America, which appoints the brightest and the people with army experience, as its Defence Secretary.

Hmmpph, what an unfun  country America is, yaar!

As far as Indian sovereignty and security goes, our “bhai” netas leave that to the NIA and Armed forces because they’ve got more important things to resolve such as the Parliament canteen subsidy and media debates.



Our benevolent leaders help the Indian soldier expand his skillset and multi-tasking abilities by making him help civilians in trouble. The Chennai and Uttarakhand floods, and the Nepal and Manipur earthquakes are recent examples where our leaders made soldiers pick up new life skills which otherwise they would not have learned.

Our government also ensures that soldiers keep up with continuing education by building bridges, roads, and more.

Such invaluable experience enriches our soldiers physically and mentally and helps them protect their own family members better after retirement. That is, if they are still alive….



Experts reckon that our PM’s recent impromptu visit to Lahore triggered the Pathankot terror attack because the visit rattled the Pakistan Army Chief, who is the guy that calls the shots (pun) in Pakistan.

Experts also reckon that there may be more such attacks. Plus, ISIS is knocking on our doors. Other terror outfits are waiting to strike.

Who knows what will happen in India tomorrow?

That’s the beauty of the whole thing. Our rulers know that chaos can strike anywhere and at anytime and therefore our soldiers better be prepared for it.

Therefore, it’s best to take risks when it comes to diplomatic relations because it helps check on how prepared our soldiers are when it comes to the crunch.



Will you pass on a textbook or guide to a person who’s writing an exam?

No. Absolutely not.

That’s why our governments do not invest heavily in intelligence.

Soldiers can best look after their nation only when they are ready for unexpected events. That is their true test. Netas know it and that’s why they are not very particular about intelligence.

In any case, friendly nations like USA and UK keep giving us terror-related data picked up by their satellites and intercepts, so, chodo na, why bother too much.



Did you think that the Army alone toughens our soldiers? No sir, it’s our politicians.

Indian rulers have deliberately kept the Siachen war burning because they want soldiers to become extremely tough enough to tackle minor issues such as terror and naxal attacks after leaving the Siachen base.

Dost, do you know how soldiers get toughened in Siachen? Their toothpaste freezes, their speech blurs, they get frostbite, they can only eat canned food (fresh food freezes in the extreme cold), their morning rituals are agonizing, etc., and etc.

Siachen is not something to fight for and our politicians know it. Which is why they are using it to physically and mentally toughen our soldiers.

To ensure that they are not regarded as partial or unidimensional, and to complete their training, netas also send soldiers to geographies that experience blazing heat (over 50 degrees Celsius). Not to forget, to watery areas too. Snow, sun, water — ah, these makes for solid training…



Our netas know we are not in an age that will witness a full blown war because such an event will be stopped by Big Brother countries like America and Britain. They realize that all India has to face are proxy terrorists attacks and guerilla-style Maoist skirmishes that will take a few lives here and there, and this is small fry that can be handled easily.

Politicians know that life in India is cheap — all that has to be done is pay out some cash, give a government job to the deceased kin’s, mourn with the family, give a posthumous award and maintain a sombre face while being grilled by the media. Instead of spending big bucks in increasing security and strategy, our beloved politicians learn how to play act. Indians tend to forget easily and things get back to normal in a month or two.

This is India, bhidu, out here life is cheap, just like our netas.

This, in my opinion, shows how all our governments have loved and cared and are loving and caring for the Indian soldier.

The icing on the cake is that our soldiers are given a platform to show off on days such as the Republic Day, NCC Parade, Beating Retreat and Martyrs’ Day. What else they want, dost?

Listen, Indian soldiers are like our cricket team. India has great expectations from them and they better come good. Which is why our netas have taken the responsibility of enhancing their skills and training.

Jai Hind.



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