Dilwale Style gets Babaji Ka Thullu

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SRK Kajol meet when they are juveniles and fall in love, only to be separated by their fighting families. They meet again after many years with hatred in their hearts. After a few rip-offs from Hollywood flicks like MI, and a few cars flying around Rohit Shetty style, SRK realizes that if the story continues, Rohit Shetty would eat up the whole budget or turn it into real red chillies. So hate is converted to love and lovers unite. Varun and Samson play the furniture and wallpaper respectively.

SRK prances on the road, running all over it with his drenched socks and soggy shoes. This after singing songs with Kajol in ankle-length water.

IMO, wet socks work on foot nerves to cause ED, thereby disappointing your girlfriend. But in Dilwale, Kajol takes this idiocy sportingly and sings silly songs as the 50+ SRK betrays pelvic anxiety writhing in his wet socks.


Mark my words, the song “Ghe Rua” may end up courting controversy in India. That’s because when translated into English, Ghe Rua means “Defiled Air.” If you don’t believe me, use the Google Translator. Only thing — translate from Igbo (an ethnic Afrikaan dialect) to English and you’ll understand my concerns.

Anyway, in the song, Ghe Rua, SRK takes Kajol to the top of a cliff, away from Ajay Devgan’s prying eyes, and then lays her down on the mossy ground thereby allowing blood-sucking leeches and flesh-eating flora get inside her petticoat. Disgusting!

There’s more lunacy in Dilwale — Kajol lost 18 kilos during the making and Rohit Shetty and his bimbo team purchased her costumes when Kajol was in full puffy mode. Result — you’ll see Kajol prancing all over the place in oversized garments that are dragging under her feet.


Is this your idea of new age and edgy romance and fabulous style? It certainly seems like SRK’s and Rohit’s. Rohit should have stuck to Devgun and used cars, methinks.

The lesser said about Dilwale’s style the better. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s tapori dresses look like Prince Charles evening costumes compared to this crap Rohit Shetty and SRK have assembled.

Dilwale’s actual star-cast will eventually be nothing more than “Colorful Cars”, “Colorful Clothes”, “Meaningless Dance Numbers”, “Exaggerated Romantic  Fake Expressions” and “Melodraaaama” enacted by a sometimes mushy, sometimes aggressive ensemble cast comprising of Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, and the furniture (read above).

BTW, SRK looks like a starving African poet to Kajol’s Indian princess looks, tee,hee.

The “Personal Passionate Moments” filmed at beautiful locations in the wilderness may hold your attention but only for a few seconds as the glaze of bright, polluted and unwanted colors would make you cover your eyes and wish you had flipped through National Geographic instead.

Talking about ‘Ghe rua’, Kajol is no doubt looking stunning in an overdose of Olay and SRK has succeeded in camouflaging his wrinkles with Fair and Handsome and CGI. The duo’s magic seems missing somehow — somebody tell Rohit that mere casting SRK with Kajol cannot create chemistry. You need a proper story and an edgy script to make it work.

Dilwale, just like its style and fashion, seems synthetic and heavily exaggerated. Stay away.

gerua-iceland-srk lifeofpiThe boat scene reminds me of ‘Life of Pi’. (Come Richard Parker, eat ‘em up, they won’t notice you coming, they’re in L.O.V.E.)


Large Cloth pieces are floating all over the screen giving a Dhobighat look where clothes have been left to dry and wind is tossing them. The black robe Kajol wears is way too long, and I bet she stumbled every time she tried to get up like a lungi. Not to miss the acres of saree she wears while canoodling on a cliff with SRK. Come on! Stop fooling the audience — passing off the saree as a trekking outfit.

Another song still from the movie ‘Man ma emotion jaage’. My honest first reaction was, “I see something vibrating, oh ! It’s Varun dancing!”


Shitty, oops! Shetty has tried to make rangoli with cars. Too many cars, too many colors, but the actors are in black and whites!!! OMG, maybe the designers figured it was a good contrast.


It takes a strained eye to figure out where is the Actor, (noticed something bouncing) oh! there he is, opening his mouth wide open more than it takes to sing the lyrics (it’s more like Lips ma Emotion jaage! ).

Varun has tried King Khan’s signature pose — wide opening the arms, which does not appeal.

Kriti Sanon has straightened hair with a thin braid in the middle. Who on earth suggested that? The not-so-cooool red skirts and off-beat dancing jus’ fades out her natural beauty.


I so cannot answer whether Rohit likes or dislikes cars? He uses cars in his movies, he likes them. He clashes and destroys cars, no he doesn’t. Well not an important question jus’ like the script.

Rohit’s movies lack research, connectivity to real life, scripts, humor and ‘sense’.

They say, “Some love stories never end!”; But I really prayed for Dilwale’s trailer to end!

As we go to the press, Dilwale has tied up with brands like Ariel and Videocon. What’s a washing powder and a TV brand got to do in Dilwale’s story, we wonder.

It’s all Babaji Ka Thullu!

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