Digi-Parenting — The Future of Parenting in India

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Parenting can be heaven or hell depending on your approach. Though a newly born is a bundle of joy, the fact remains that it’s an uphill task nursing, caring for, nurturing and bringing up babies.

Breastfeeding, monitoring the baby, diaper changing, sleepless nights, keeping tabs on the child’s growth and development — everything combines to take a toll on a mom’s health. Yuppies and working moms, especially, find it a tougher to manage parenthood.

But there’s some smart help coming your way.

Apps and smart devices for babies can help track their needs, moods, diaper changes and feeding times. Smart bottle holders have ensured that your baby receives milk without the air bubbles. There are sensors that monitor, log and analyze baby feeding, napping, and moods. Not to mention test strips that monitor baby’s health round the clock.

You will be surprised at the technology that has invaded this domain — and here is a list:

APP-solutely Helpful Apps and Gadgets for New Indian Parents Who Can Afford It:

Owlet — Baby’s Heart and Oxygen Level Monitor:



It involves wearing a hypoallergenic sock on the baby’s foot. The sock is connected to a round base station using a low power bluetooth. The sock measures the baby’s oxygen and heart levels and transmit them on a cloud. If it senses a high or low breathing and/or heart rate, the base station immediately starts beeping and flashing, thereby awakening mommy and daddy. The readings also can be accessed on cloud with any phone that uses iOS. Owlet is designed for newborns to 18-month old toddlers.

Some or the other company in India will soon ape this device and create a splash in the market.


iBaby Feed Timer – Breastfeeding, Nursing, Bottle Feeding & Baby development log:



This feed timer provides you with two large buttons”Left” and “Right” so that you can record which side is being used to feed baby. The app’s equipped with “pause” and “stop” buttons. It allows you to set alerts in case you forget to feed your baby.

This app collects feeding data, logs it and then analyze how often and how much your baby is feeding.


At top of the screen, a clock shows you the “time since last feed,” and at the bottom, you see when the next feed is due based on your selected interval.



Mimo Smart Baby Monitor:


Mimo keeps parents connected to their baby wherever they are – even while traveling. The device provides insight about your baby’s sleep quality, sleep activity, respiration, body position, and skin temperature. It also alerts you (on your smartphone) of changes such as irregular breathing, wake-ups, and roll-overs.


The device is equipped with sensors that detects vital parameters and beams them (using low power bluetooth) to a base station which transmits them on a cloud thereby making them instantly accessible by a smartphone. This device is similar to the Owlet, but has some additional features.


Smart Diapers:


Now you don’t have to wait for your baby to cry or thrash around to figure out that he needs a diaper change. Smart diapers, can come equipped with either a non-toxic and cheap sensor or non-toxic test strips or both.


When the diaper gets wet or soiled, the sensor transmits an alert to the smartphone. The test strips analyze the baby’s stool and urine. Each strip has a QR code. The parents then scan the QR code and get the test results (bacteria, acidic levels, infections, etc.).


Smart Milk Bottle Holder:


The smart bottle holder, which beams info to an app, helps parents track how much milk their baby is drinking and how fast. It also provides feedback on whether the parent is holding the bottle incorrectly — holding the bottle correctly stops air bubbles from getting into your baby’s mouth.


The holder also alerts if there are any lumps or objects that are clogging the bottle.


WebMD Baby:


Actually this app does not represent the future. It is a content-based app that is extremely helpful. New, wannabe and to-be parents must download this app and check out its rich and evolving content comprising of  more than 400 articles, 70 videos and 600 tips from pediatricians (as on November 2015).


Parents can search the health information based their baby’s age. This app also contains a “baby book” that parents can use to keep track of their baby’s feed and sleep timings, monitor baby growth, and also create a photo album. Terrific stuff.

Changing diapers upon baby’s crying, holding the milk bottle incorrectly, not knowing whether the baby is suffering from an infection, etc., have all become old stuff thanks to the new smart baby devices and apps. Welcome to the world of “Digi-Parenting”.



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