Bigg Boss, Brain Sauce

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A Vapid Bigg Boss Turns Your Brain Into Sauce

If you are an Indian who’s fond of watching a bunch of unproductive people scandalize and disgrace culture and our way of life as we know it, Bigg Boss is the show to watch.

Knowing our penchant for voyeurism, chances are that you’re already an addict, and are deep into it right up to your knickers or g-strings. The show has probably turned you into an gargling idiot.

Here’s my take on why Bigg Boss is shallow and vapid, and such a huge disgrace:

Jobless and Untalented

This is show that assembles the jobless, untalented and rat-brained social bums who just DO NOT and CANNOT ever earn your admiration. You may take sides, not because of intellect, but because you identify with a contestant’s actions or consider him an underdog.

Scripted and Staged

A bunch of weirdos without any access to any form of entertainment and alcohol are thrown in a setting that restricts their mobility. Naturally, one doesn’t expect these bird brains to come up with a script — We expect them to descend into mental chaos. Some online wag has termed Bigg Boss as a cross between a jail and a lunatic asylum — True that!

But that doesn’t happen. Instead, the contestants speak in a measured tone, and flare-ups are debated. Violence is restricted to a polite slap. Sobbing is restrained, not hysterical. Contestants that provide good content are brought back in after being booted out, and etc.

The scriptwriters always create a hero and a villain for every task — and every task has the potential to generate arguments and create unpleasantness. The fight of good vs evil will never lose its universal appeal, and the Colors channel knows it.

There’s little doubt that the show is scripted by unimaginative minds. Even the great Khali has claimed it is scripted, and what the Khalli says you better believe. See the video on your right, if you are on a desktop or at bottom if you are on a mobile device.

Boosting Voyeurism

Bigg Boss allows Indians to peep into private lives. Voyeurism flows in almost every human’s bloodstream, and Indians are no exception.

We love to watch people fight, to approach members of the opposite sex, to make out, to view people live a deprived lifestyle (contestants don’t enjoy things we do when they are in the BB house), and more such uglies. Essentially we fall for badly written, unnatural and staged conflict of good vs bad, wimp situations that make people cry, unrealism, bad acting and fake tears of wannabes who don’t have the capability to contribute to India’s Gross Domestic Product.

Who counts the votes?

Who validates the BB voting? Sure enough, people vote. But who counts and how are the counts used? Do contestants who do not generate good content kicked off even though people favor them? Why are once-kicked contestants invited back?

It does seem that given the massive investment poured into each Bigg Boss season, the makers want a winner whom they can milk dry for one whole year. Therefore, it’s my opinion that the voting results on BB are twisted, rigged and artificial.

Fodder For Cheap News Channels

News channels that regularly report domestic violence, and who get paid to air news, who manipulate and twist words, and channels that are generally unscrupulous — in other words, most Indian TV news channels, regularly air Bigg Boss content to keep their perverted audience happy.

At best, Bigg Boss stars scatterbrains hamming it out in a shitty melodrama that appeals to the most obnoxious parts of the viewer’s brain. If you are a fan, I suggest you move on.



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