Is Packaged Honey Slow-Poisoning You?

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There are two types of honey: raw honey and packaged honey.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is honey that is produced by bees on a bee farm. It is collected from the beehive and stored, without any processing.

Such honey is 100% unprocessed and unadulterated. It is nothing but what bees do to the concentrated nectar of flowers that they collect. It is pure, unheated, unprocessed and unpasteurized.

Raw honey is loaded with vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants — all in their natural form. It also contains pollen, wax and propolis.

It is heaty in nature and you should not ideally consume more than 2 tablespoons per day. Lesser if you don’t exercise.

Raw honey contains pollen, air bubbles and other natural particles. Plus its thickness can be inconsistent and its colour can range from fawn to dark brown. Actually its colour depends on the flower from which the nectar is gathered.


Processed Honey

Mass manufacturers filter honey before packaging it. The process is called ultra filtering.

During this process, honey is heated, water is added and the mix is forced through tiny filters to remove pollen and other ingredients. All vitamins and nutrients are likely killed during this process.

Now here’s the screw-up: The presence of pollen is the only sign that indicates that any honey is real honey. If honey does not contain any pollen, and people continue buying it, it gives an unscrupulous license to manufacturers to pump in additives, corn syrup, etc., and term the mix as honey.

The grocery store honey you consume is likely loaded with corn syrup and is nothing but a gooey mass of sugar compounds.

How Processed Honey Poisons You

  1. Manufacturers add large amounts of corn syrup to honey. Corn syrup is mostly derived from GMO corn. Some distributors and manufacturers that outsource honey production import it from China. Chinese honey is the pits because it’s packed with corn syrup and antibiotics.
  2. Regular GMO corn consumption can cause any of the following: allergies, toxins, antibiotic resistant diseases, and even cancer. GMO food is bloody dangerous — stay away from it.
  3. Excess sugar consumption, especially corn syrup which is 20% sweeter than regular sugar, is extremely dangerous. It can damage your liver, make you obese, increase uric acid levels, cause metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, and even damage any organ in your body, including your brain.
  4. Antibiotics are sprayed by bee farmers to motivate the queen bee to lay more eggs. The logic is: More eggs = more bees = more honey. The result — supermarket honey and even raw honey of unscrupulous farmers can contain antibiotics that will end up buggering your health.

The verdict may already be playing in your mind — that any consumption of grocery store or supermarket honey can wreck your health over a period of time.

But it’s your health, you decide.

To Sum Up

This article may have helped you reach a decision about supermarket honey consumption.

But what about raw honey consumption? Will you switch to raw honey?

Before nodding know this: Bees travel  up to 55,000 miles and suck on more than two million flowers to make 1 pound of honey which they store as winter food.

Why would you want to steal their food? Why do you want to enslave bees, spray their hives with antibiotics and make them produce honey for your consumption? Why don’t you switch over to something uncruel such as coconut nectar or date paste?

That’ll make the world a better place to live in and guarantee you a life free from diseases caused by consumption of honey.

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