9 Basic and Common Sense Skin Care Tips

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Skin is an extremely important but neglected organ. It covers our bones and organs and gives us a structure. Though we’ll all look like transparent zombies without it, we take it for granted and do not care enough for it. That’s not nice.

Here are a few basic skincare hygiene basics everyone must practice:

  1. Do not place your hands on your face unless they’re clean. Unclean hands are breeding grounds for bacteria, which can get transferred on to your face, causing pimples and unhealthy skin.
  2. Speaking of pimples and acne — never ever pick on them. Let them lie peacefully until they go away. Remember that picking these can cause facial scars.
  3. Always use non-comedogenic cosmetic products. Comedogenic products block pores and cause facial havoc.
  4. Never overdo makeup. Use the barest minimum. Why? Because all cosmetic products contain chemicals and you don’t want to spray on deadly stuff over your beautiful face, do you.
  5. Cleanse your face before applying any nutraceutical product before bedtime. And apply the product at least one hour before sleeping.
  6. Do not share your makeup with anyone.
  7. Always clean (regularly) makeup tools like brushes, combs, sponges, pumice stones, etc.
  8. Change pillow covers and bedsheets regularly (to rid them of mites and bacteria).
  9. Avoid products that contain a whole lot of alcohol. Such products strip away skin oils.

If you’re passionate about skincare, follow this regimen daily without fail.

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